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more frankie to-do

It seems to be the consensus that Frankie would look better in shoes...which is what I was originally thinking hair, green face, black jacket, green pants, black shoes.

He also needs to be built up a bit more in the torso and upper legs, he's too skinny there...and his pantlegs need to be longer in back.  I want to put more hair on the top of his head too...his head is really square and it want it more rectanglish.

Everybody thinks Frankie and Mum are coming along nicely :)

frankie's coming along

I worked on Frankie last  night.  After sewing buttons on his suit jacket I decided I need to add some more wool to the bottom front of his suit jacket, there's too much of the top of his pants showing.

I was contemplating shoes but Kate likes him barefoot, so I'll have to contemplate more before I do, or not do, anything.

I also decided that Mummy needs more yarn around his head to make his eyes set in more.

I brought them both to work today to see if anyone has any more suggestions for improving them that I haven't thought of yet.  I probably should have waited until Monday when they're more complete...

to do for frankie

  • trim loose hairs/fuzz off suit jacket and pants
  • sew buttons on suit jacket
  • make collar for suit jacket (corsage?)
  • shirt (dickey) under suit jacket?
  • make shoes? - Kate likes him barefoot, will have to contemplate...
  • glue on hair
  • something different for eyes?
  • eyebrows
  • bolts coming out of neck?
  • scar on face?


Susan said I never sent her the cello.  I scrounged around some more and finally found it.  I held it up to mummy and it didn't look big enough, but then my husband pointed out that most cellos have a pointy thing sticking out the all I've got to do is give it a pointy thing (I suppose there is a proper name for it, but it just doesn't seem worth looking up) and it should work.

Yeah!  I'm glad I found it...I thought I was losing my mind...

frankie & mum

Dscf0016_3 Frankenstein is turning out pretty cool so far!

I felted Frankie some turned out good, so I felted him a whole suit.  I needle felted it, then wet him down to try to make it less fuzzy.  I'm not sure I'm happy with it, but it's not bad either.  I really wanted purple pants, but I didn't have any purple wool.

The mummy turned out cute.  I had to felt him a cap, mittens and booties before I wrapped him in yarn (I didn't have any white string).  I gave him little beady green eyes (sewing pins).  My daughter told me he shouldn't have them, they'd have been removed during the mummification process.  I stuck my tongue out at her and told her he needs them to see the cello.

Oh! The cello!  I can't find the cello!  Argh!  I've looked everywhere!

OH NO.... I don't suppose I gave up on it and sent it to Susan in a batch of stuff?  Oh, I hope not.  That would be just like me though, to get rid of something I can't figure out what to do with just before I figure out what to do with it.  I'll have to ask her.

more armatures

Dscf0015 I found two sizes of aluminum armature wire in my stash that I can use (imagine that, actually using armature wire for armatures!).  I wasn't sure how stable they'd be, the wire is thick so I couldn't double it over or twist it back on itself like I could with the copper.  I think it'll work okay though.  I made Frankenstein bigger than the others, and used a hammer to flatten out his hands, feet and shoulders (I did twist his arm wire around his body wire to give him wide shoulders).  The softer aluminum is really nice to work with.

mummy armature

I found some copper wire I had left over from another project and crafted what has to be, unarguably, the worst wire armature ever made.

I covered it with brown florist's tape and it looked better...I think it may even be doesn't look as horrible with the wire covered up and it's almost exactly the same size as the skeletons. We'll see how it looks after I cover it in string.


Dscf0003 Dscf0004 Felting a mummy just makes a fuzzy mummy...even if it's stabbed just enough to hold the yarn together.  Wet felting a mummy also makes a fuzzy mummy.  I think I'm going to try making a mummy out of a wire coat hanger (armature) and string.

But first I've got to de-fuzz a couple of skeletons.


Last year I used two bendy skeletons.  This year I need more figures...and I don't want to use all skeletons, so I'll have to make some others.

I'm going to need a couple of musicians, and four to six other characters.  I'm thinking I need a goth gal in a Mortica Addams/Lily Munster type dress, and a zombie in a beaded or fringed flapper style dress.  I want a mummy, and Frankenstein...a skeleton in a top hat and bow tie, and maybe a headless man too.

I've got a little wooden violin Paul gave me after his trip to Vienna that I can use for a cello, and I think I'll make a harp for the other's got to be easier to make a harp than a piano or a trombone, right?

I think I'll make the cello player a mummy and the harpist (is that the right word?) a zombie.  I've got some cream colored wool yarn that I'm going to try to needle felt around one of the skeletons just enough to hold it together.  Although I suppose I should find the violin first to see if it's even the right size to work as a cello.