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it feels good... get the hall done...that was really hard!  Matt had to leave the room because he couldn't stand listening to me fuss and curse while knowing there was nothing he could do to help me...poor guy.

Not a lot of time for typing today...I'll give you pictures instead...the upstairs hall (pic taken before I fixed the last crooked bastard banister spindle), the bookcase started, and my ebay stuff that arrived yesterday (he threw in a free toilet...I guess because it took him so long to ship).


forward, march

I have got to get going...we haven't been able to eat in the dining room for months because I've got the house spread out all over the table.

Nothing picture-worthy this morning...I got the trim and banisters ready to install in the upstairs hallway.  I'd like to get the rest of the upper floor finished this weekend, at least.


The bathtub and stuff I won on ebay on the 18th, and paid for promptly on the 19th, was just shipped yesterday....and my order for a toilet and sink from a hobby shop on the 19th is still being processed.

It's the 28th, for pete's sake, I've been anxiously waiting for the mailman every day for a week now!

I think I need to play hooky from work today and just go back to bed.

I've never appreciated a bubble bath more

Kate and I finished the flower looks much better.  I didn't do anything with the other beds in the back yard...I woke up so sore Monday morning that there was no way I was going to tackle more work than I had to...I'll have to do those on a future weekend.  And shoot, I've still got to plant the gazillion bulbs I dug up out of that back bed...I'm moving them to the front gardens.


what a gorgeous day

Bessie and I went to the Miniature Show yesterday...

It wasn't as large as I hoped (yeah, you know what I mean).  There were a couple of old tin 40s or 50s dollhouses with their corresponding plastic furniture.  There were a couple of 12 scale houses that weren't even finished...they weren't trimmed out, floors weren't finished, etc...and they were stuffed with store bought furniture and of the house's exterior wasn't even painted yet.  There were roomboxes that were kind of neat, but were filled with, again, store bought stuff...makes it cheap and plasticy looking.  I was telling Matt about it and he said, "ah...assemblers versus artists"...which is an apt description.

Then, there was this guy...wish I'd got his name...who is a true miniature artist.  He had a couple of roomboxes, a couple of exterior fronts, and some miniatures.  His work is so detailed and perfect, it's breathtaking.  He was there with his pieces too, while nobody else was...he chatted with us for a few minutes.  Seeing his work made it worth the trip...I wish I'd remembered to take my camera.

After we left the show we went to buy plants and took them home to our respective gardens.  I got the vegetables put in, then tackled the back flower garden.  I pulled all the plants out...the top six inches of ground was all hard with matted tangles of roots and old wonder nothing was doing well back there.  Matt tilled it for me, now I have to put all the plants back. long as I've got that one torn apart, I think I'll tear apart the other two beds in the back yard so I can rearrange all three....I'll make Kate help me.

The lilacs are in bloom on the other side of the yard...their scent keeps wafting by as I lovely.


there's always a 'but'

DSCF0003 I figured out how to bead the drape so that it looks how I want...but there are only so many times you can run thread through the same bead...the limit for 4mm crystals is 13, and I need to be able to do it 16 I need to find thinner thread or a different bead with a wider hole to use in the center.

number two...I just held the chandelier in place in the dining room and it's too big, I need to shorten the drape...which shouldn't be too big a deal (hopefully) now that I've figured out the construction.