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DSCF0001 I gave the inside of the pumpkin another coat of paint and was sitting there looking at it, thinking about how much of a pain it was going to be to cut a piece of wood to fit in the circular space in the bottom of the pumpkin...when I saw, on the shelf above it, a dollhouse table I bought at the dollar store last week...which is the same exact size as the space in the cool is that! 

I was going to put a nail up through the bottom of the piece of wood I was going to cut, to sit the tree on...I just used a table leg instead, and broke off the ones I don't need.  I'll have to go back to the dollar store today to get another table for the second pumpkin.

And...wiring the crows onto the trees isn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Now I just have to figure out how to make teeny tombstones.  I haven't even started pondering the how-to yet, so if you've got ideas, shout them out.

free day

I've got the day off's play time all day!  Yay!

I took Kate up to the high school to take care of some paperwork, then dropped her off at the college for her classes...paid her next semester's tuition while I was there.

DSCF0004 I went to the fabric store...which is out of drove to the next one...which is drove on to the next one, a quilting store, which is still in business, thank goodness.  It amazing how many empty storefronts there are throughout town...our economy is really breaking independent shop owners.  It's so sad.  I noticed when I went to Target last weekend that there were a lot of empty shops at the mall too.

I bought some green fabric that's the same shade of green as the paint sample for my walls...until I brought it home, where it's much brighter than the walls.  It looks the same in the picture though, so maybe it will work...I'll have to think about it.  They only had six yards left on the bolt, so I hope that's enough...though the lady at the store said they can get more if I need it.  I bought a piece of burgundy colored wool felt too, thinking I can use it to upholster a reading chair for the library in the dollhouse.  They've got a lot of needle felting supplies there, I'll have to remember to go back again for a more thorough look.

DSCF0002 I stopped at the Salvation Army thrift store on my way back home...bought this trinket box, thinking that I could take the top off, put on a countertop and drop a sink into it to make a bathroom vanity.  My eye was really's almost bigger than the whole bathroom.  Maybe it would work for 1:12 scale...perhaps I'll make it into a bathroom vanity to sell on Etsy.  I probably shouldn't buy anything that I don't know is for sure to scale until I've actually made some furniture and have a better handle on exactly how small the scale I'm working in is.



Look at this Victorian cool is that!  Unfortunately, it's too big for my dollhouse.  The cuckoo clock from the same store is awesome too...but has no dimensions listed...maybe I'll email them to ask.

I like this teeny house too...wouldn't it look neat sitting on the worktable in my 1:12 studio roombox...which I really should finish one of these days.

This Quarter Inch Scale Cake Shop is that had to be hard, that's half the scale of the dollhouse I'm working's made out of a CD holder.  She (I assume a she) made a bakers rack out of plastic canvas, which is a really neat idea I'll have to remember.

Take a look at the chandelier in the dollhouse this blogger is working's similar to the one I made for mine, and gives me ideas.


I'm feeling Halloweenish today...I think I'm going to put the dollhouse away and work on the pumpkin dioramas I started last spring.

King of Mice

Chicken Lips

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Laurie Hardin

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Adeles Spooky Art

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The Whimsical Whittler


DSCF0002 All the rain we've had is wonderful for my gardens...look at how tall my lilies are this year...don't look at my hair though, I didn't realize it was so messy when Matt was taking pictures.

Work on the dollhouse did not go well this weekend...I screwed up the beaded ceiling lamp for the kitchen, so had to tear it apart to start over.  I'm going to have to tear the dining room chandelier apart too, I can't pass thread through the beads again enough times to work in new ones for the spot that broke.  Ah well, such is's not like I'm on a timetable or anything.

I'm still hating the lamp I made for the bedroom, so was thinking about making a different one, when it occurred to me that I don't know if I'm going to have enough room for a bedside table or not.  I want a curved metal bed, which is something I can't make myself cheaper and easier than I can buy, so I did a little online shopping...I've got a bed on the way now, along with a few other odds and ends.  Once the bed gets here and I can see how much space I've got left around it, I'll know what to make for a light fixture in that room.

I ordered glowing fireplace embers for the living room...I'm going to have two sconces in the foyer behind the living room, so I don't really need a light source in the living room, but on the other hand it would look funny and unfinished to have lights in all the rooms but one...a lit fireplace should do the trick, I think.

Despite the dollhouse regression I had a nice weekend. 

DSCF0004 I bought new blinds for my studio...the quote from the blind guy for the sample I picked out came back at $200 per window.  Yikes.  I bought these jute ones at Target for $30 per window.  Undoubtedly, what I could have bought from him are much better blinds, but I'm not willing to spend that much money.

Once we unpacked them we realized they're not the same blind...same packaging, same jute material, but different header configuration, different brackets, and different looks like they switched manufacturers.  Had I been hanging them on two windows right next to each other I'd have taken them back to Target, but since the windows are on different walls I decided it would be okay.

I was thinking that I'd put up just blinds, but know that they're installed I think it looks funny without curtains too. 

I'm going to have to go back to the paint store to pick up sample cards of the colors I put on the walls (I can't find the ones I got before I painted, I think I threw them away), then take the sample cards to JoAnne's to pick out fabric, then find somebody to bribe to sew me new curtains.

DSCF0006 There was a Doctor Who episode on this weekend too...I love Doctor Who, and they're only making four special episodes this year. It wasn't one of their better shows, but The Doctor always makes it a good weekend.

Let's see, what else...I went to an art fair...way too many people, I hate crowds...and bought a gorgeous little watercolor by area artist Cyndy Callog.  I would have loved one of her big pieces, but I've only got 15" of wall between the door and the closet. 

I've got an antique oval 'bubble glass' picture frame that I'm going to hang on that little bit of wall too, as soon as I figure out what to put in the frame...I'm thinking some kind of bugs, to take advantage of the space behind the curved glass.  The idea comes from a museum exhibit I saw of a display by artist Jennifer Angus

Watch this video about her work, it's really cool.

assorted stuff

I've been watching the Torchwood miniseries in the evenings instead of working on my dollhouse, so I haven't got much done.  I did finish beading the ceiling light for the kitchen, but I'll wait until after I hang it up before I take a picture.

DSCF0001 As I sit at my table then look up at my shelves I can see the unfinished bottom edge of the bird boxes...I've got to paint them, it's driving me crazy.  I'm still messing around with stuff in the nit-picky anal-retentive perfectionist compulsions...I've moved a few things, there, and back again...I think I've got everything the way I want it.  Matt got the last piece of apron (the angled piece) on the worktable yesterday...I installed my new keyboard...all the keys work now, yay!  I'm still waiting for price quotes for the took him a week to get me samples, which I looked at a week ago...I don't understand what's taking so long.  If he doesn't get his lazy ass in gear he's going to be out of luck, because I'll go buy them somewhere else.

Speaking of my nit-picky anal-retentive perfectionist compulsions...last week I was in the drugstore buying thumbtacks for my bulletin board...because thumbtacks have a shorter tack than pushpins do, so the zillion pushpins I already have just won't do...why can't the cork people make bulletin boards thick enough to work with pushpins?  Or the pushpin people make pushpins short enough to work with cork?  Probably the same reason the hot dog people and  the bun people can't get their acts together...anyway...there were silver tacks in a 40 pack for $1.29 and gold pushpins in a 200 pack for $1.89...I wanted the silver ones, but the gold ones were cheaper, but silver would look better, but the closet door knobs are gold, but the silver ones are smooth and the gold ones have a dimple thingy in the middle, but maybe I should go somewhere else to get white ones to match the half dozen I've already got, but white is too bright, they would be distracting, maybe I should get black, but I kind of like the silver, but the gold are cheaper...OH FOR PETE'S SAKE, KELI, THEY'RE JUST THUMBTACKS.  I can't believe I was standing there debating what color thumbtacks to the wrong color thumbtacks is going to ruin the whole remodel...geez!  I ended up buying the gold ones...because I'm cheap.

DSCF0003 I've got a few things up on the bulletin board, stuff I knew I really wanted up there...I'm not sure if I want to go through my stash of stuff to find more things, or just let it "grow" organically over time.  Going through my huge stash would be overwhelming I think...I'd end up with more stuff I want up there than would fit, then I'd have to sort it out...on the other hand seeing the seams in the cork is driving me a bit fruity...I don't know what I'm going to do yet.

Speaking of cheap...I finally got brave enough to open up a statement from my investment account...the stock market was very, very good to me last!  I love it when my money makes money.  Maybe I'll splurge on something from my Etsy favorites list...nah, then I'd have to figure out where to put it...I am just plumb out of space for anything new.

DSCF0001 Speaking of new things....boy, I'm jumping around this morning...too much coffee already.  I didn't show you pictures of the new dollhouse rugs I got and the goodies Susan sent me...because both packages arrived the week of the remodel when I was crazy busy. 

I now have twice as many rugs as I have rooms to put them in, but I couldn't decide what color and shape would work best, and they weren't that expensive.

DSCF0002 Thank you, Susan, for the goodies!  The crow beads will finish our Halloween pumpkin dioramas, the birdhouse will go in the attic of the dollhouse, and all the extra goodness I wasn't expecting will...well, I don't know yet.  I'm curious...where did you get the weird rectangular things?  They're funky, I'll end up using them in some off-the-wall surprise-myself kind of way, I'm sure.

Something funny...yesterday we got an anniversary card in the mail from Matt's sister...he showed it to me and said "I guess our anniversary is coming up."  I said, "oh, I guess it is, it's July twenty-something, I'm pretty sure."  So I went to check to see when it is, then walked back out to the kitchen where Matt was cooking dinner and said "guess what's today!  Happy tenth anniversary!"  LOL...

Finally...speaking of being out of space for anything new...Melinda, do you know when you're coming up to visit?  The box of stuff I've got for you keeps growing and I don't have a bigger box to transition to...


DSCF0001 I saw some neat miniatures at the antique store...Petite Princess dollhouse furniture. I knew they weren't 1" scale, they were too small, but yet they didn't look small enough for 1/2" scale.  I looked them up when I got back home...they're 3/4" scale.  Too bad, it would have been cool to work in a couple vintage pieces...the occasional chair with ottoman has a neat shape.

I've been working on the lights.  I've got a lamp done..I don't like it, I may garbage it.  I've also got two sconces and a beaded ceiling light started.  I'm still trying to decide if I can fix the chandelier or if I have to start over.  I didn't get very much done, but we had a guest this past weekend.

What are you guys working on?

time to relax

DSCF0001 I got the rest of the crap on my table taken care of, then got my dollhouse I'm back to having fun.  I'd forgotten how soothing sitting down and fiddling with stuff could be. 

Look at all the room I have now!  It sure beats that card table I was using.

The amount of light I've got now is fantastic, I don't have to use the little LED bendy lights I was using before...and no more leaning forward and squinting.'s gorgeous in here!  I''m giddy :) 

so many choices...

DSCF0003 ...and I only looked at blind samples from two companies (the picture is of one sample book, I was given two)...and he only showed me samples of natural materials.  I can't imagine trying to wade through all the possible choices.

I picked Floresta, which is the one the corner of the sticky note is hanging over...not that you can tell much by my crappy picture, I should have taken a close up.