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good advice

DSCF0001 I took the pumpkin and a handful of tombstones to work yesterday for opinions.  The consensus is that I need to tone down the color of the moss on the tombstones and make them look dirtier.


...the moss on the tombstones is too bright

...the raven is cool

...the different colors of gray I painted the tombstones aren't different enough, they all look like one solid gray and they all look like the same gray

...I need less grayish gray and more brownish gray

...the iridescent purple paint and sparkly 'sky' are awesome

...the moss on the tombstones is too blue, it needs to be more green (and darker)

...the tree roots are weird, I need to cut the loop and spread the wires out some would look cool to have the silhouette of a tree line on the horizon

...Tinkerbell looks incredible

...I'm super talented


DSCF0001 ...if I had known it was going to be such a mess, I would have lined the pumpkin in something other than moss.  There is dirt all over my pretty new studio...which finally looks lived in now.













The moss does look really cool, though.

I'm starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere

It took me forever to find a figure to put on top of the shorter wooden tombstone...I thought I was going to end up forced to modify a little plastic soldier, but I finally found what I wanted at KMart.



I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I'm not sure about the next couple of pictures the lighter green moss too bright?



It felt oddly satisfying to rip Tinkerbell's wings off...I wonder what that means...

Does anyone need a pair of leftover plastic fairy wings?

new stuff

DSCF0001 I bought a lot of The Littles dollhouse furniture and accessories on ebay...I'm not quite sure why, really.

The Littles are half scale, and I like the furniture, not that I have room in my house for any of it...the brown tilt-top table and drop-leaf kitchen table are my favorites. 

They're good quality cast metal pieces, with working hinges and drawers.  A few of the accessories are half scale too...they're nice, and I can use them...except for the yellow plastic plates and cups...or the dolls (yuck!).

Maybe I'll paint the kitchen set and use it instead of the wicker one...I'll have to think about it.



DSCF0002The rest of the stuff is a mix of scales...mostly 1/12.  I wasn't expecting that, the listing didn't mention scale at all, but I should have been able to tell from the pictures, had I been observant.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the oddment...offer some to Bessie and then put the rest in the Goodwill pile, I guess.  The foodstuff and kitchenware are useful, but the rest is just atrocious.  The white table is actually a pizza box old one, the kind I remember using as a doll's table when I was a kid, before they got cheaper, smaller and thinner.

Something I think is weird...all the cans of food are rectangular instead of peculiar.


Something I think is cool...the no scale dresser I got from Marcie is the same size as the half scale dresser.


Oh my...this set of Littles furniture has the bathroom set...not that I need a bathroom set...

not much

I didn't do much this weekend...mostly sat on my butt watching movies, eating popcorn and drinking beer.  I don't drink beer very often, so it didn't take very many to be too many.  Yuck.

I did work on the tombstones a bit.  I purposefully didn't clean the glue goobers and sand the edges of the big tombstones...I'm planning on that giving texture when I paint moss on.  It was really hard to be messy on purpose...went against my usual work ethics...made me twitchy, but I did it.

I'm not sure I like working with the chipboard...I may garbage the flat ones and start over...I'm not sure yet.


Melinda stopped by yesterday for a visit with her adorable little 21 month old guy.  I'm afraid I'm not a very good hostess, we just sat on the couch and chit-chatted...I didn't even think to offer her a beverage or anything (sorry, Melinda!). 

She liked the box of destash goodies I set aside for her...which I even remembered to toss a couple bars of my favorite soap in.   I showed her my new studio, but forgot to show her the fabric I bought for the curtains, which I wanted her opinion on.  She said the dollhouse is even smaller in person than it is in the pictures, and admired the art pieces on display that Susan made for me.  It was nice to see her again :)