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Just a couple of pictures of last night's work, no talking about it, because I'm busy this morning at The Bloggess, which is my new favorite site on the interwebs.  Too. Damn. Funny.  Melinda, drop whatever plans you've got today and get over there.  Now, hurry, go...get moving.  And thank Susan when your stomach hurts from laughing, she's the one who sent the link.



is it weird to be so excited about a miniature kitchen?

Last  night I finished building the cabinet fronts, then put two coats of paint on them.  This morning I cut bias tape hinges, then glued them onto the cabinet frames.   I'll let the glue dry today, then put the fronts on tonight.


I'm not sure about the section with five glass front doors...I built it to match the width of the doors on the other glass front piece, but I think it would look have looked better with four doors.  I don't dislike it enough to re-do it, though.

a little bit done

I finished the cabinets fronts for one section of cabinets.  I started with what I thought would be the easy didn't go together exactly like I planned, but I did okay.  I've got two more sections to do this week.

P4260009 P4260007

I couldn't decide between blue, purple, red, or pink for my weekly hair color, so I dyed it light golden brown.  Weird.  I'm not sure if I like it yet or not.  P4250004

new books

I buy books to do projects faster than I can possibly get projects done...I have some sort of weird compulsion, I think.  Nah, lets not call it that, lets call it retirement planning.

The miniature wicker furniture how-to book looks really cool.  The needlecraft one is kind of a bust, other than it has the patterns in it for these, which I already bought...but if I ever need more, and Willow's Creations quits selling on Etsy, I can start with the book I bought a couple of years ago to teach myself how to crochet that I haven't read yet...


you're both right...

...of course.  In fact, if I had made the range hood any bigger, then painted it these colors, it would look dumb.

The white is not quite the right white, it needs to be the same color as the stove, I'll have to play around with it...and where the gray paint is I'm going to put a piece of silver colored, textured paper.  The black is okay, though.


the weekend

I had a nice weekend, though I didn't do any work on the house...or any housework.

Saturday I took Kate to get her hair done, spent the day prom dress shopping with her and three of her girlfriends (they needed a chauffeur), took them all out to dinner, drove them all home, then drove to my hometown to spend a little time at a classmate's fortieth birthday party.

One of Kate's girlfriends lives two thirds of the way up Old Mission Peninsula, which is full of wineries and cherry orchards.  The grape fields aren't much to see this time of year, but the cherry orchards are in bloom, which made for a gorgeous drive.

Sunday I spent the day with my husband, since I left him on his own Saturday.  We went antiquing in the morning, then hung out at home together in the afternoon.  He made beef roast for dinner, and we watched the season premiere of Doctor Who.

What a nice weekend.  It could only have been better if antique miniatures weren't priced astronomically.

my subconscious spoke... said, "you did not allow room in the corner where the cabinets join together for enough clearance to open them".  I'm glad I waited a couple of days for that thought to work its way to the surface, it would have been disastrous to figure that out at the end.

So, with that, I started the framework for the cupboards yesterday...