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thinking and planning

I've never liked the bookcase on the first story of the house, between the living and dining rooms.  Not only does the side of a fireplace seem an awkward place to put a bookcase, I think it becomes the focal point of that floor, instead of letting the rooms take center stage.  I think I'm going to wall it off.  I'll hang a long, narrow, subdued picture on the wall, instead of filling shelves.

Neither the roll-top desk or the dresser please me.  They are painted die cast metal, instead of wood, and I'm wondering if I shouldn't have painted them something other than brown.  Actually, the color of the desk is okay, maybe a coat of semi-gloss sealer to tone down the shininess is all it needs.  I might have to paint the dresser a non-wood tone color though.  What really bothers me is the amount of space between the dresser top and the bottom of the mirror, it doesn't seem right to me.  I've always thought it a bit odd, and planned to put enough tall things on top of the dresser to disguise the I'm not sure.

I'm planning to build a tall chest of drawers to fit in the nook between the fireplace and rear wall of the I'm wondering if I shouldn't make one for both sides of the fireplace.  I'm also contemplating building bookcases to fit on either side of the fireplace in the study, and relocating the revolving end table to the living room.  I need to build a desk chair as well, since the kneehole in the desk is narrower than any of my chairs.

I was imagining a dark, shadowy, dusty attic.  I don't like the color of the white dresser, the round table, or the wicker chairs that are there.  I suppose I should paint all but the white one I made the cushion for...what color though?  I should probably age the legs of the light blue table a bit more as well, so they aren't so bright.

During the build I was planning to put wood strips up the sides of the attic walls to simulate rafters, with some cross beams to hang some old bird cages from.  I got so sick of building and so anxious to be done that I never installed them.  Now I regret it.  I'm not sure, with the finish on the wall, if I can put them in now.  I can always save the birdhouses for the attic of the next house, I suppose.

Speaking of the finish on the attic walls, the crackle medium made it shinier than the rest of the walls, when the attic is supposed to be old and dusty...I figured by the time I loaded the attic with stuff that it wouldn't be noticeable, but I really should put a coat of matte sealer on to fix it.

Feel free to chime in with your opinions...I like the feedback, it helps me think.


before and after

The chair and ottoman for the study...


My fourth attempt at reupholstering, and I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it.  Though, in retrospect, I should have made my own bottom cushion instead of doesn't flare out around the bottom of the arms and it's not thick enough.  Maybe I'll see if I can get it back off the chair...


I'm not quite sure what I think yet

Susan asked if the iPad happened...yes it did, I'm blogging on it right now.

I'm not sure what I think yet.  It was really cool at first, I like the size and feel of it, and it's very easy to use.  However, I discovered soon after I started surfing the internet that Flash Player is not supported by iPad (or iPhone, or iPod).  I can't see most videos, some photo slide shows, or play most online games...which is not cool.

I really like having the Internet portable, I just wish I weren't restricted.  The iPad does come with a built in You-Tube app, and there is an app available for Hulu Plus, since Hulu won't work, but it's a subscription.  There are a lot of games in the app store, some of which are free...I've downloaded free Sudoku, Hearts and Spades.  I've also downloaded free weather and TV guide apps.  I haven't looked at any apps that cost money yet.

There is an iBook reader, but the books I've looked at so far fall in between hardcover and paperback in price, when it seems to me that the electronic format should be less expensive than the printed format.  There are some free public domain works available, I've started Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which I've always meant to get around to reading. 

Don't misunderstand all my talk of 'free'...I don't think just because something is on the Internet it should be free; it takes time, money,and a lot of hard work to create games, books, videos, music, etc, and I believe those creators should be paid for their's just that I don't shell out money for every little thing that I think looks cool.

I know that Apple has sound technical reasons for not including the Flash Player software on their products, that they are concerned with security for their consumers, and I appreciate that...but that doesn't stop me from being disappointed that my iPad can't access the same material on the internet as my iMac.   It seems to me, so far, that my husband paid a lot of money for me to play Sudoku and browse Etsy in the living room while I watch TV.

I have a doctor appointment today (think I have a urinary tract infection), so I'll take the iPad out into the world with me today, that way I'll have something other than boating magazines to read in the waiting room.

playing in the living room

I lightly distressed the finish of the side chairs, then reupholstered them with burgundy leather seats...painted the base of the desk the same color as the walls, then distressed it...and painted the body of what will become a lamp.

I had considered upholstering the chairs in the same fabric as the tan throw pillow on the couch, but I thought that would be too much of the same fabric in the room...overkill.  Besides which, I'm going to upholster the dining room chairs in that fabric. 

The desk chair leans forward, I'm going to have to sand down the back legs a bit to compensate for the thickness of the rug....and I need to seal the finish on the desk and coffee table...

Once that's done I do believe the bones of this room will be completed.  Now I need to decide which room to play in next.

more brown leather sofa

I wrapped the sofa in plastic wrap, then draped the afghan where I wanted it and pinned the folds in place, being very careful not to poke the couch, then soaked it with hairspray and let it dry.  I made pillows while it dried.  I love how it turned out, the afghan is incredible.

Here's how it looks in the room.


I'm not sure I like the wicker chair, I may use this other chair instead.  What do you think?


I'm not sure about the red table legs either...

brown leather sofa

My husband brought me a handful of leather samples (for chair upholstery) several months ago.  I had this in mind the minute I saw them...


It doesn't look as well as I hoped it would, but it feels fabulous

It's not going to be seen head on when it's in place in the dollhouse, so with the artful arrangement of an afghan and a couple of throw pillows the flaws in my upholstery job shouldn't be noticeable.


I upholstered the second blue chair in one of my new fabrics, it looks much better in a print.  I didn't tear apart the one I covered in burgundy felt, I'll save that for another project.  When I was done upholstering I sewed some throw pillows...I may re-do the first two, the tan ones, they're mediocre.

On the table behind them is the couch, unupholstered and disassembled, waiting for me to get brave enough to take scissors to leather.


happy day

My Fortieth birthday is next week Friday...want to see what I bought for myself?

Some cheap furniture, which will need to be altered before it's used...



A waste of  £6.50...that's what, about $10.00...


The book with the pages printed was £3.50, which I bought because I can't print pages that tiny, and the rest came together, for £3.00.  I bought the set because I wanted the newspapers and magazines.  You know, when I buy something from a bona fide dollhouse store, something from a professional manufacturer, I expect it to be better than something I can make myself (depending on the price point).  These suck.  The print on the newspapers and magazines isn't readable, the magazines aren't folded in half neatly, the covers of the books aren't on neatly and don't cover the balsa bases....and the expensive printed book has a dust jacket and cover too big for the pages.  I feel ripped off.


Two more kits, for a broom and an occasional table, some bare wood furniture, a weather vane...and artisan made luggage and a cardigan...



A jardiniere and matching pot, a bust of Shakespeare, a letter box for the front door, some shoes and eyeglasses...and a little jar that was a bonus gift.


Happy birthday to me! 

My honey is taking me to Red Lobster for dinner this weekend, which is a treat for birthday is the only time we go since the rest of my family doesn't like seafood.  I'm pretty sure he's going to give me an iPad...he said the new wheels and tires he's putting on my car are my birthday present, but I know he's teasing me.

My coworkers are up to something too...I've been asked more than once if I'm working the day after Thanksgiving.