the pub, day seven
the pub, day nine

the pub, day eight

It's almost done, it just needs a light and the rest of the stuff to fill it....and I think I'm going to put an awning over the front window. 


The mirrored back won't be so obnoxious when the shelves are full, hopefully.

There is a big glue goober smear from the scotch glasses that came in the box on the back wall above the bar so I'm going to use the artwork to cover it.  The black and white group photo I printed from Glenmorangie's website, I thought it would be a neat way to tie the bar back to the box it's housed in.  The advertising poster on the bottom of the mirror is for Glenmorangie as well.  I'll work on framing and hanging them this evening.

I'm proud of myself for using up leftover building supplies with this project. The only purchases I made were for items to fill the bar, and that's because I usually work in 1:24 scale but built the bar in 1:12, so nothing in my stash of accessories would fit.   All the wood, leather and paper came from my stash.  Susan, you should notice three of those as leftover from your Halloween projects.

I took a picture of the shelving unit build in progress in case anyone is interested.  I didn't want visible shelf supports so I built the unit in two layers, overlapping the style.  It took longer, but it looks exactly how I wanted.



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I knew there would be a mirror behind the bar! Love the little hidden ties you're throwing in!


Okay, no zaftig recliinng nude back there - will just have to look at myself in the mirror and trust your bartender to shut me off before I start reclining OR stripping!

I love the mirror, seriously - love that it isn't all starkly mirror-y and I think it adds a huge amount of character, as do the pieces of artwork you've chosen.

I love the old photo and immediately went to the site you linked, but couldn't find any pictures at all.
I was distracted at first by the title "Men of Tain" - misread it as Pain and thought you were really going with the leather bar theme.

And your shelving unit wip picture kept looking like a foosball table to me when I wasn't looking at it straight-on.

Silly here today, but with excellent reason after a VERY VERY weird day yesterday...


Meh, I wasn't in the mood for a reclining nude. I did have one that's the right size so I held her up there, but she just didn't do it for me.

I like the mirror too. Matt thinks it was his idea, I didn't tell him I was already planning on it when he suggested it. He first suggested real mirror, then when I said a breakable mirror in the box is not a good idea he suggested aluminum foil, but I told him that was too thin and fragile to work I rummaged in my box of paper to find the piece of reflective paper I knew was in there.

After I found it he suggested making a couple small sections look like the mirror had delaminated or cracked to make it look old. I thought about it, but decided there isn't going to be enough of the mirror visible to bother with, and because it's not a real mirror it already looks old.

You know, now that I'm making a bar instead of a house Matthew is much more interested. "Much more", LOL...I should say "at all"...he humors me by listening when I talk about the dollhouse in the same way that I humor him by listening when he talks about his stereo equipment.

Funny, I took it out to the living room Sunday night to show him the shelving unit in place...he told me I should find a paper with a cool pattern like tin tiles for the I tipped the box to show him I had already done just that.

I'm rambling...

So, silly girl, I sense a good story but yet there is no email in my in-box. You've piqued my curiosity, now you have to tell me a tale.

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