the pub, day six
the pub, day eight

the pub, day seven

I finished the stools and made the brass rail for the bar yesterday morning.  The piece of brass rod I was planning to use is too narrow (because I bought it to use as pipes in the Fairfield's half scale bathroom) so I painted a piece of dowel instead.  I also added door pulls to the base of the back-bar, since I've decided to keep it the height it is even if the top shelf will be higher on the wall than I originally planned...I'm in agreement with Casey that if I shorten it so that it won't be seen there isn't much point in having it there.

I thought I was done for the weekend but the first shipment of bottles arrived in the afternoon mail, so I'll be able to build the shelves for the back-bar today.

The sketch I made that has the shelving measurements on it has disappeared...I wanted to lay the bottles on top of the sketch to see how accurate my estimates are.  Perhaps I'll find it when I clean off my work table this morning, if not I'll have to measure everything again.

I'm disappointed that some of the bottles don't sit straight.  It seems to me that if you're going to manufacture an item for sale that you ought to have enough pride to make sure it's made well.  I hate to have to fix things I've paid hard earned money for.


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The stools do look better with the black, don't they?
It makes them stand out as stools, rather than fading into the background of the bar.

Can't wait to see what you put on the back wall - are we going to have a big old Victorian reclining nude back there to look at?

And amen to being sick of having to fix things you've paid good money for - I can't believe how often that happens anymore!
Am almost done buying online because of it!


I love this so far! I can't tell the bottles aren't straight if that makes you feel any better.

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