I've lost my mind

playing in the kitchen

Here's a shot of the canisters  you couldn't see yesterday...just the two little ones were there, they seem too small to be the right scale, don't they?  I think if I add either the striped bead or the white canister behind them to make a trio that they'll then look okay.  What do you think?

Notice the addition of the turkey to the top of the cabinets, Susan...I can't find any roosters to paint copper...yet.


I was reaching in to get the refrigerator to put a hole through the handle to slide a towel through when it dawned on me that the obvious (and easier!) solution was to drape a towel and dishrag over the side of the sink instead.  Now the kitchen looks more lived in, and I didn't have to break the frig handle then figure out how to fix it.

I added a tablecloth, bowl of pears, a newspaper and the beginnings of salt and pepper shakers to the table...and put a rug underneath.  The tablecloth needs another spraying of hairspray to hold the edge down and the pleats in before I remove the pins.  I just noticed, looking at the picture, that I need to shorten the rug a bit too, it's too long.

Does anyone have any more suggestions?  I appreciate the input.


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I think it looks great - I love everything about it.


I'm with Diane - seriously loving everything about it!
And I do love that turkey up there!


The towel and wash cloth look great, as do all of the other additions. Even the turkey, which makes me giggle. Not sure why, because my mom has a cast iron pig in nearly that same spot in her kitchen.

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