taking stock
life-sized room project


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I applaud your effort, my friend! :D


hello, I love your work, it's great congratulations.
I hope you had a great Christmas.
I just start with this hobby but I love it.
receives greetings from mex.


That bookcase turned out so well - SO realistic!!
All of your books enhance the houses, but that bookcase is a show piece.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful.
It was perfect here - no snow, happy children, Clinton made me the handmade artwork I was asking for and Alan gave me books (said he earned the money to buy them with his hands so they are handmade) that made us all laugh so hard at my Mom's that we probably sounded like lunatics.
We got to see Rebekkah for a day as she flew around the country like Santa Claus, and Rotten got the younger two girls Mac laptops (to last them through college, hopefully) so I haven't seen much of them since Christmas Day.

No snow here yet - how strange that our snow never seems to start until January anymore.

How much snow are you getting up there?


We got a whole inch of snow a couple of days before Christmas...most of it is still with us. I expect it to be gone by this evening, as the forecast predicts sleet for this afternoon.

Christmas was wonderful here too. Kate got cash from everybody this year, to use to remodel her bedroom. I took some 'before' pictures last night, I'll share them when I have some 'after' pictures.

We spent Saturday with my family and Sunday with Matt's. Lots of love all around, it was great.


Beautiful work. I like!
Bye Faby


What a mammoth effort! Well done - they look wonderful.


That is a TON of books. I don't even think I have half that many books in my real house. Well, maybe if I count all the kids' books. They have a ton.


What an accomplishment! They look awesome on your shelves and I love the idea of having them scattered about.

Oh, and thanks, Keli, for the statue link!


Love this! Amazing!!!grin!!


Hello Keli,
I know how much work the books are, but it looks absolutely fantastic. You did a great job.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and I wish you and yours all the best for the New Year,


¡¡¡¡ Feliz Año !!!!!! Besos


Love your bookcase, great work.
Happy new year - Godt nytt år!


Forgot to fill in my webadress. I`ll do it now, that way you can understand who I am.

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