where I got my book jackets
one more batch of books to go

never enough books

The Fairfield is now on my worktable, next to the Chantilly.  She needs to be accessorized before she's finished...I was overwhelmed at the thought of all the empty bookcases when I put her away.

Thankfully the books I made that were a little too tall for the Chantilly's bookcases which I thought I was going to have to save for a 3/4 scale project fit on the bookcase in the Fairfield.  Yay!  Some of them are oversized coffee table books laying on their backs, but that's okay, not only does it fill the space faster but it looks like my real life bookcases.

Because the Fairfield was my first house I didn't know not to glue the bookcase in before I filled it with books.  Never again!!!  I remember that I did it that way because I wanted it to sit flush to the back wall and I put the baseboard on around it, but boy oh boy, it's hard to glue books in there now.

At least the bookcase and library table on the other side of the room aren't glued in place yet.

I wanted to finish making all the books so I could fill the bookcase in one sitting, varying the height and thickness of the books, but the ones I had done were starting to jump down to the floor so I glued them in before they wandered away.

When I was done with that I glued the shelves into the Chantilly's bookcase.  I've been going back and forth on whether to use three shelves (books the same size as on the other bookcases) or four (the bookcases won't be matchy-matchy)...it's been driving me bonkers so I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers I was making the right decision, then glued them in.  Done...it will bother me no more.

I made two more pieces of electronic equipment so the shelves have a reason to be closer together.  They're not any particular kind of pieces of equipment, just equipment.

Now I just have to make a billion more books.  Sigh...never enough books.


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Patti Autullo

Hi Keli, Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I can see you are quite the talented miniaturist! I will be looking to you for inspiration in my upcoming adventure of transforming the interior of my own dollhouse!~Hugs, Patti


Uh-oh, I'd better step things up if I'm going to be inspirational. :D


LOL! I was just thinking "if the G-Junkers could see her now!" - you have evolved into an amazing artist, though you were already very good when I met you!
(Then I had a mean thought about bowling ball caterpillars, then back to nice thoughts about my fellow man...)

Your houses are beautiful - the rooms are so comfy and inviting, and all the little painstaking touches add so much to the effect.


Everything is looking so good! I love the fireplace surround and the fabric on the couch and chair. Looking at that Fairfield, it looks so small, I don't think I would ever want to tackle a 1/2 inch house. One inch is small enough as it is especially when I try to put dishes on a shelf.


La sala está quedando muy bonita ¡¡¡¡¡Feliz Navidad !!!!! Besos

janine Thiedeke

Good Morning Keli, Thank you for your reply concerning the book covers.... perhaps I will have a book-making binge during the quiet after the storm of Christmas!
Thanks for posting regularly. It is fun to drop in to see what you have been doing. Regards Janine minworks.blogspot.com

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