one more batch of books to go
done with books

taking stock

Both houses have been vacuumed and dusted (except the attic)...

my studio has been cleaned...


it seems like a good time to take stock of where I am on both projects.  Let's start with the Fairfield...

The living room and foyer are furnished, I just need to add artwork and accessories.  The grandfather clock needs a new face, the windows need curtains, and I need to make a lamp to sit on the table in the bay window.  I also need to make a long trailing plant for the sofa table on the end of the fireplace wall to hide the crooked table leg.

The dining room is also furnished.  It needs curtains, a fireplace screen, and more plants under the windows.  The table needs a centerpiece and the hutch needs to be filled.  I also need to make some potted topiaries to sit on either side of the fireplace to hide that I didn't have it sitting flush to the floor when I glued it in place.


The kitchen needs something more, but I don't know what...other than I need to stock the pantry then glue the pantry doors in place.

The bedroom is almost finished.  I need to add artwork and make a better jewelry box for the dresser.  The curtains need to be glued in, as the double-stick tape was only meant to be temporary while I tested their look.  I'm not happy with the lampshade but I don't think I can change it without breaking the light.

The library needs some work.  The bookcases need more books (I'm working on that), I want to make a little TV on a stand, I have to build a desk chair and a fireplace screen, then I need to add some artwork and accessories.  I'm not happy with the finish on the desk, but I think a coat of matte varnish will fix it.

I haven't started on the upstairs hall yet.  That thing on the floor is the kitchen pantry door, just look past it.  The windows need curtains to hide the glue I couldn't wipe away because I couldn't get my hand back there when I glued them in.  I'm not sure how I'm going to get curtains in there either, but I guess I'll figure out something.  There isn't any room for furniture in the hall, but I should be able to sit a houseplant in the far corner...that and some artwork on the walls will be all I'll do here.

The bathroom is finished, but I'm going to swap out the ugly plastic plant with a realistic looking paper one.  I'll add a rug in front of the sink too.

The attic need more stuff...boxes and trunks and boxes of old stuff. I need to recreate the shadow play, make a fort behind the stairs, make either a twin bed or cot for when the grandkid sleeps over, and finish Grandma's workroom.  I've never been happy with the sheen on the walls, so I'll start by repainting.  The bottom portion of the chimney needs some work too, it's too clean looking.

I just realized I didn't take a picture of the front porch...I've got hanging plant kits to put together, a porch swing to hang, and a letter slot to glue to the door.


The Chantilly is coming along much faster than the Fairfield did, it was a much easier build.  I didn't paint or paper the interior walls, put in flooring, put in baseboards or crown molding, and I didn't electrify's a vacation cottage, not a big Victorian home.

I need to finish the coffee table and make a chair (once I figure out what kind of chair I want) for the living room.  The walls need artwork, the floor needs an area rug, and the fireplace needs tools and gee-gaws on the mantle.  I'm thinking about making more throw pillows for the loveseat but I haven't decided yet.


I need to make a dining table for the breakfast nook and either make or find another chair.  I tested the chairs from the Fairfield's attic when I was cleaning, but none of them looked right.  I need to make a shelf/pot hanger something or other for the wall over the refrigerator, and I need to stock and hang the racks I already have for the opposite wall.  Once I'm done with that I need to accessorize with kitchen stuff.

The boy's room is furnished, though the bed isn't completely dressed yet.  I've got all the accessories for this room already picked out, I just need to put them in place.  First I'm going to attempt to hang something else over the Monet on the wall, as I don't think it suits a boy's room.  I'm contemplating putting stars all over the pitched ceiling, but can't decide if I'd like it or not...I'll have to test the look using some double-stick tape.

The master bedroom has me in a bit of a quandry.  The furniture arrangement works best with the bed angled into the corner, but I don't like the empty space behind it, and I don't like seeing the  join where the roof meets the top of the wall.  I don't know if it would look awkward to sit a tall plant or a folding screen behind the headboard, or if I should try to trim out the join.  I'm planning on a climbing vine to cover the exterior of the house which I could let it creep inside, but that might be too weird.  I'll probably leave this room until last, while I think about it.


I commented to my husband earlier today that I was almost done with these houses, but now that I've written down all the things I have still to do to finish these I suspect I can stay busy for another year before I'll need to build another.




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recapitulaciones de fin de año....feliz navidad !


Your hair looks cute! You got it cut since I saw you last? I cant believe the amazing details you can do in half scale. Someday you will have to look through each of my rooms and tell me what I need when I think they are finished!!

Patti Autullo

I love seeing all of your miniatures! Lots of detail and inspiration for me!~Patti


Wow! That will take a few readings to digest everything - I watch the progress here but this post shows how much work you do and how much attention to detail you pay!

One thought, and of course you will throw it out if you don't like it - in the dining room, on either end of the fireplace where they don't touch the hearth, maybe a small basket full of kindling on one side and fireplace accessories on the other side?
Maybe the imaginary people don't use that fireplace for warmth, but they need wood and pokers if they do.


That's a good idea, Susan, but I'm doing that on the living room side of the fireplace. :)


LOL - you're taking good care of the tiny imaginary people then.
I'll stick to the ones living in my head...

Deana Tritch

The houses are looking great. One suggestion for behind the bed - in my real bedroom, our bed is angled and we use the area behind for storage. My solution was to drape a very long length of fabric through a ring hanging from the ceiling. The fabric drapes around the headboard and very effectively hides the area behind.


Hmmm...I really like that idea, Deana. Thanks! That's now number one on the list of possible solutions.

What about everybody else? The more suggestions I get the better!


We used to have a horrible taller plastic floor plant behind the bed. I thought it looked good at the time.

janine Thiedeke

Xmas Day Greetings Keli, You certainly must have alarmed your husband when you said that you thought you had almost finished the house! I particularly like the wallpaper in the dining room.
Regards Janine


oh my, i LOVE your fairfield! And all the interior components!


What a wonderful house, love the bedroom!


Me encanta tu casita, es preciosa y decorada con mucho gusto. Besos

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