a day for me
a better picture of the bookcase


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What a brill boys room! Love the dinos!


Wonderful! So many great accessories! :D


Una habitación muy acogedora.
Parece real!
Un abrazo


I love it, the dynosaur is a great touch and the colours too. Such a bright and lively room. Rosanna


At first, I thought it was a real room! Well done! I love the painting on the headboard and the mixture of green and blue.


Te ha quedado una habitación muy bonita. Un saludo, Eva


That is great!


Adorable! Love the lamp! Everything is just perfect!


Everything is well done! Congratulations on finishing this adorable boy's room! What's the boy's name?


I love it.


Fantasti! The boy will be happy.
Bye Faby


Nice work! Loooove the poster!

Can we get a better picure of the bookcase? What is that behind the dinosaur?


Thanks everybody :D

Anna, I just posted a better picture for you, see today's post.


I love the owl lamp!
Did you have one when you were growing up?
We didn't have one but I have seen them - brown ones, not green, but the size ratio is perfect - love the room and everything about it!


I love it. The mural on the headboard is great and I really like the "lines" on that blue dresser. Did you find the dresser or build it?


I love that dresser too! She built it - I remember seeing a post about it - she's awesome.

Here is the post-

janine Thiedeke

Good Morning, Hope it is not so cold in your region this weekend. On the Pacific coast the cherries are beginning to bloom.... we've made it through another winter - planting sweet peas soon!
Well done on your boy's room. I did not remember it was half scale at first. I also glue things down, not sure if everyone does that.
All the best.

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