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a better picture of the bookcase

A close-up of the bookcase, as requested.  It required some tricky though the window lighting, as my camera blocked the whole open side of the room trying to get the lens into the back corner.  I couldn't get everything in focus, so focused on what wasn't visible in yesterday's pictures.

What is sitting behind the dinosaur is a toy train.  In retrospect I see I should have saved it for a different project where it can sit closer to the viewer, it's hard to see the detail now that it's placed so far back in the room.


a day for me

I've been working a crazy amount of hours, so haven't been in my studio all year.  I miss it.  Last week was especially rough because my assistant was out all week with pneumonia, which meant I did her work instead of my own, putting me further after a 12 hour day at the office on Saturday topping off a more than 60 hour week I decided to keep Sunday for myself.

I was going to finish the boy's room, since it seemed quick, easy and fun....then I remembered that before I can finish any of the rooms I have to glue the lights in and doorknobs on, while the house is empty and can be turned upside down and sideways.

Audra gave me the lights...she started a Chantilly, then decided she couldn't tolerate half scale so gave it to her daughter to play with.  The lights no longer work, but since I didn't electrify my house it's a perfect match.  They look fantastic, thank you, Audra!

I painted all of the fixtures except the largest chandelier, which I left brass.  I needed to figure out something to use as a base for it...I settled on a clear glass flower shaped bead with a hole the same size as the brass post.  I painted the inside of the bead with white paint to better match the glass in the chandelier.  It worked great.

DSCF0002 DSCF0007

The house is still upside down waiting for glue to fully cure...the copper colored fixture in the kitchen didn't stay put, so I used a different glue last night to reinstall it.

It took me so long to find where I stashed the doorknobs left over from the Fairfield that I never got them installed, nor the carriage light on the front porch.  Hopefully I'll find time soon.