the living room chair is a difficult little snot
tiny turning chair

all the furniture is done

I made an end table and coffee table from tiny turnings last night. They need to be either painted or stained yet.  I'll do that tonight.

I love tiny turnings...I need to buy more when I'm in Chicago next month.

I'm now done with all of the furniture I need to finish the Chantilly.  I need to make a desk chair and plant stand for the Fairfield, then I can finish accessorizing both houses.

On a side note...I miss Google Friend Connect...I miss lots of readers, and visitor statistics have dropped significantly...I feel a bit lonely.

I'll have to think of something nice to do as a give-away for those of you still hanging in there with multiple scales, since I know not many of you work in half scale, like I do....maybe a custom build....hmm.....  Suggestions are welcome, if you've got one.



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These are awesome! Having worked with tiny turnings in full scale, I can only imagine how fiddly these half scale pieces are!

I miss Friend Connect, too. :[ People have disappeared from my blog as well. I just keep on going, though... :D


I just added you to GoogleReader by subscribing through Google - we just need to figure out a way to let people know they need to do that, or add you however they get their blog feed.

I'm tired of change, but it's going to keep rushing by anyway.

I love your tiny turnings and always feel like I could just collapse into that comfy couch and take a nap!


I am catching up again! I don't like that I can't see you on my updates. Thought of you again when I started cutting some more today!! :)


Lovely! Give-away? A simple little doll house will do...

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