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the living room chair is a difficult little snot

building and refurbishing

I got a great deal on ebay on some old Tootsie Toy furniture, some of which is broken (hence the great deal).

The chairs all sit higher than my other half scale miniatures.  I thought I could just cut a bit off the bottom of the legs, but the metal is very brittle, and I ended up snapping the legs of the first chair I tried it on into pieces.  I also broke a little piece of the seat off.

I used a piece of one of the legs I snapped off to repair the other broken legged chair, then sanded the legless base down to accept newly built wooden legs.

I used pins, glue and many curse words to hold a new base together...

DSCF0015    DSCF0019
...then gave it a coat of paint and a seat pad.  Whallah, new chair!

I also made the table...I used pins and glue to put legs cut from some 1/12 scale railing I'm never going to use onto a wooden circle.  The top of the table is darker than I wanted, it really soaked up the stain...but it's not so dark that I can't live with it.

While I was waiting for glue to dry I cut and stained pieces to make a chair for the living room.  Provided I've planned and measured correctly these bits of wood will look like a piece of furniture tomorrow.



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My husband has a Tootsie Toy truck. Never knew they made doll furniture too. I really like the re-do. You can't tell it wasn't original.


Wow! The chair and table both came out great!

Wonder how old the Tootsie Toy chairs are to be so brittle?


Tootsie Toy miniatures were made by the Dowst toy company in Chicago in the 1920s - 1940s.

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