I'm back
new goodies

doorknobs and pictures

I made some time to play in my studio yesterday...it felt nice.  I'm sure that today I will regret not having gone into the office, as I had planned, but I really needed some 'me time'.

I worked on what needs to be done before I can fill the rest of the rooms with furniture.

I put doorknobs on the front door.  I used brass Houseworks knobs on the interior, but made my own pulls for the exterior from jump rings and crimp beads.  I glued them in the middle of the doors, as I observed on my trip to France, rather than on the edges of the door, like we do in the U.S.  Doorknobs have a keyhole in the middle, but pulls do not, so I mounted a keyhole for a lock a little higher on the door (it's another crimp bead, flattened a bit with a hammer).

I also glued the carraige lamp in place.  I didn't like the look of the tall narrow light bulb, so I replaced it with a crystal bead, since the lamp isn't wired to electricity and is just decorative.


After the door was completed I began on the artwork.  I came to the conclusion that I definitely need to procure a pair of angle cutters, as working with the miter box and saw to make all the picture frames became quite tedious.

All of the pictures except for those in the stairwell have been glued in place to cover where the tabs and slots of the walls come together.


I'm still deciding on placement for the pictures in the stairwell.  I've got to crowd them together to cover a long tab (which is under the top of the white framed and bottom of the blue framed picture).  I'm not necessarily opposed to having them that close together, but it means I need to frame a few more...and I need to decide if I want to add another row at the top, to make them come up higher on the second story wall.


Ignore the piece of wood taped along the top of the stairs, it's a spacer to ensure the bottom row of pictures are hung at the same height from the steps.

Also....sorry the colors are a bit off in the pictures, I had to use my little camera instead of my big one.


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Are the pictures actual people you know? You've probably explained that and I missed it.


No, I didn't explain it.

I didn't use family pictures because I made a boy's room...and Matt and I have a daughter, not a son.

I borrowed the cast of Doctor Who for my family pictures instead.


That's great. Too funny!


:D Awesome idea for measuring frames on the stairs!


Qué bonito te está quedando. Me encantan los cuadros en la pared de la escalera. Besos


So funny that you used the cast of Doctor Who!!

I love this - have been missing your posts and thought it was because you had been too busy, but now find out it is because of Typepad blogs no longer showing up in my feed.

Can't talk you into moving the blog over to Blogger, can I?



Blogger is free, Typepad is not.
Blogger has constant issues, Typepad has never had one.

I'm keeping Typepad.

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