building and refurbishing
all the furniture is done

the living room chair is a difficult little snot

From this...DSCF0003 to this...DSCF0005 was not easy.

I got the pins and holes done in each piece, but couldn't get them assembled together without making a mess.  Pins pushed through, wood split, I swore a lot, it was a disaster.  Eventually I pulled most of the pins out in a big frustrated snit.  I ended up gluing it together with new, longer, headed pins which are pushed all the way through the pieces and are visible....except for the arms, those went on fine with hidden pins.

It's a bit crooked, but it's together and it's not horrible.  I'd start over with new pieces on a different day, fresh with renewed optimism that a second try would be easier...but I'm weary and cynical, so I won't, I'll use this as is.


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I like it just how it is. My furniture is not perfect in my house!

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