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I wanted to use the leftover pieces from the widow's railing I didn't install to make a folding screen to sit behind the headboard, in order to hide the join where the wall and ceiling come together.  I couldn't get it to work, the pieces were too wide.  In retrospect I should have continued with the folding screen idea using a different material, but I was stuck on using the railing pieces because I've already worked some into the other rooms.  I ended up with this...

I do not like it. 

I'm stuck with it because it's already glued in place, so am hoping that if I scatter a few blue accessories to move the viewer's eye around the room that it won't be so powerful a focal point.  I might try getting back there with a paintbrush to change the color to an unobtrusive white...I'm debating the risk of making things worse vs. learning to live with it.  Or maybe it would look more purposeful with a pelmet...

The brown things on the sides are sconces.  I made them using wire, jewelry findings and the lightbulbs I pulled out of the chandelier Audra gave me.  They turned out okay, but with the bed in place they look odd...their color is too close to that of the bed and they sit at the same height as the top of the headboard posts, which makes it a bit confusing to the eye.  I may paint the sconces too.



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I didn't even notice the sconces until you pointed them out.

No way at all to pull the screen out? I have all my widows walk from my 1/2 Chantilly - all yours if you want it!


I can't imagine the size without anything for reference - too tiny a workspace for my meat hooks, for sure - but you can't possibly razor knife it out?

Or pounce it with some white paint, yes - you wouldn't even have to cover it completely, just dab at it until it's more white than blue.

The sconces are wicked cool - I love the ideas you come up with!


I'm afraid if I try to remove it I'll ruin the wall. I'm going to paint it, I think...I'll mask off the walls first, of course.

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