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thinking of the next project

I've almost got my studio cleaned up enough to put a project on my worktable...there was a filing cabinet in my closet which I removed during the closet remodel whose contents needed to be sorted through and dealt with.  I lost my ambition after the first drawer.

I was going to finish the European cottage which I had close to finished when I put it away almost a year ago to work on the 2012 Spring Fling....but this morning I saw the 2013 contest kit...oh my...

I've got enough thatch left over from the mill to roof three or four of these cottages...hmmm....

my glorious new closet

The requisite before picture....


The first in progress picture...the long shelves are six foot wide, the shorter shelves on the left are two foot wide...we went with 20" deep shelves...except for the very top one, which is only 12" deep, because of the husband had to custom make rod hangers by running U bolts through the brackets, because the 20" deep shelves don't have the slots for the rod hangy thingys....he's brilliant....


After the first trip to Michaels, who had storage boxes 50% off....I can fit the photo storage boxes 18 across by 2 high on the top shelf...can do them 18 across by 2 high by 2 deep on the three shelves below that....but will use other boxes too...


Done!  I ended up making two more shopping trips to buy more boxes...but it will be so nice to be able to put my hands on something when I need it.