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I'm still alive

My workouts are going great; my one month progress pictures made my mouth drop open when I saw them.  Wow!!  I'm less sore after I work out now than I was in the beginning (I don't lay on the couch the whole next day, groaning), so I expect I'll get back to minis again now...I've missed playtime in my studio.

I have been puttering around here and there with the Christmas tree.  I'm not putting up our life sized tree this year, as Ester has turned stir-crazy mischevious since it started snowing and she decided to stay inside.  Poor kitten...her outside playground turned all white, cold, and wet.  We've been giving her extra attention and play time, and gave her some new toys. I am not willing to give her all of my glass bulbs, conveniently hung on a giant jungle gym.


Rummaging through my stash of leftover beads supplied enough material to make miniature ornaments.  The little gears are watch parts, I don't know if I'll use them or not.

I paired the ornaments with a string of LED 'Moon Lights' I got at JoAnne's.  I would have better off with a string of miniature Christmas tree lights, but I am impatient and cheap.

these would make good track lights...hmmm....

There was quite a bit of space between the LEDs, so the string ended up being both garland and lights, which works...but there is definitely a front side and a back side to this tree...

DSCF0014 DSCF0015  

I started putting the ornaments on planning to finish today, then make a tree skirt and wrap some presents.