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2 posts from March 2014

goodbye mill

I gutted the mill yesterday.  As soon as I can borrow my daughter's car I'll drop it off at a thrift store.

The mill was my first contest kit...I built something too big, I rushed it, my skills were at a novice level...I've never been happy with it.  I've given thought over the last year or so to gutting it, then remodeling and fixing the things that have fallen apart and I don't like...but three years of occupying my dining room is enough, I've lost all attachment to it, it's time for it to go, I am sick of looking at it. 

Goodbye, Moulin taught me new things, and I thank you for that.  Hopefully one day, a few years from now, I'll stumble across a story on the internet of how some budding hobbyist found you at the thrift store and made you over into the cottage of their dreams.  Good Luck.



new minis, embroidery update and dust

New kitchen minis...beautifully made, I'm sure I'll be shopping here frequently.


An embroidery update....


Ester, move your nosy self out of the way so Susan can see....


I've been enjoying this project...working without a pattern, in whatever color and stitch suits my mood...but I'm itching to get back to the English cottage kitchen, so I need to get this finished.  Also, I need to clean my studio, I haven't spent any time in here in weeks and it's dustier than...than...well, I don't know what it's dustier than, but it's dusty enough to make me feel ashamed.

Also am trying out the new speech dictation thing that came with bait test Mac operating system update don't think I'm going to be using this to dictate blog posts either the program eat some work or my voice does one or the other because first ball without punctuation of any kind along sternal border doesn't do much good both of you just trying to ramble on and get some thoughts down the dictation thing would come in handy but okay very fast I don't keep typing

No time to ramble on with fitness updates and such,  I need to hop in the shower.  I got an email from a blog reader earlier in the week who said "I think we live in the same area..."  She was right, we're getting together for cappuccino this morning :D