pictures of my trip to Indianapolis, part one
pictures of my trip to Indianapolis, part two

the want of a prune box

My best friend, Susan, upon the moving out of another grown daughter, moved her studio into an empty bedroom.  She sent me lots of pictures (to shut me up, because I'm whiney).

Look at this....I wish my studio looked half as warm and comforting....


Do you see, on top of the wire cart, that fabulous wooden Varsity Prunes box?


Sigh...I want one.  I really, really want one...I want to put it on top of my worktable to corral my stuff.  While I was giving thought to how many pounds of dried cherries it would take to bribe her husband into stealing it for me I went to my local antique stores to see if I could find something similar. 

My first stop...Wilson's....downtown....4 floors and 20,000 square feet....surely I will find a box.


Neat suitcases and globe...nicely reupholstered chair...but I've no place to put them...


This little wooden cabinet would be great in my studio, on the little wall between my closet and the door...if only it weren't two inches too wide...sigh...


Ohhhh....a three drawer jewelry box, underneath a pretty lamp...I can store miniatures in that...yes, please!


EGAD!  Look at those lamps!  They win that day's Ugly Lamp Contest.  They're hideous!


Ah ha!  A box!  I'm not very keen on Yeast Foam (bleck!), but it's a good size....there is a little sticker on the other side that says "not for sale", but maybe I can talk them out of it if I bring them a pretty new box to put postcards in. 


The only other box wasn't right....


I consoled myself with a cerveza and a chicken chimichanga, next door, at Union Cantina.

I love their front door....



Over the next couple of weekends...Wilson's East Bay, Cherryland Antique Mall, Bay West on Garland, Rolling Hill Antiques....

I almost bought this...


but not this...this is creepy.


Ugly Lamp Contest contender....


Neat apothecary tins, but I've no place to put them....


I want this juice set!  But I've no place to store this!  I need a bigger house.


Oh, look!  A set for you too, Susan.


I found this for you too!


These tall old metal gym basket things would make great studio storage for someone....not me, I don't have room for them, but someone.  (That's husband, for size comparison.)


I had never seen one of these before...I can't believe it's still intact.

DSCN0222 DSCN0223

A giant ugly lamp, hosting an ugly lamp party...


Notice the lack of wooden boxes in the pictures?  Sigh....

I did get a few things...a wire basket, an old purse, a multi-tool and a wooden handled monkey wrench....husband bought himself some lathe tools and a beer glass.


My last hope....Walt's....


I found some big crates in the basement....and upstairs, some old wooden cheese boxes (I didn't take picures of) that were too small...


Boom!  Jackpot of wooden cherry lugs.  But they weren't priced and Walt wasn't there...besides, I have one at home already that might work, I'll try that one first, if it does I'll come buy another to replace it.  It's not quite what I want though.  I want a prune box.


Susan is keeping her eyes open for me, maybe she'll find something good when she's out and about today.  I have my fingers crossed. 




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Wow, no boxes yesterday for me, either!

We took two loads of couches and chairs and beds out of the house we were helping with - my son's frat house got all of it, though, since it was not my taste in furniture at all.
I was glad to see them get glass glasses in the load of kitchen stuff, since they were drinking out of gallon milk jugs when we pulled up to offload the chairs.
Animal House was very close to the mark.

You saw way more wooden boxes than I did, and you saw some things that I would have found hard to pass up - that little wooden cabinet would have come home with me.
Not so much on the lamp, though - what were people thinking back then??

And I love love love that photo of the girl with the cat.
Instant relative, yes please.

I'm going to look in a few more places this week for prune boxes or something equal and "just right"... the search is so much fun.
Thanks for the tour!

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