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last of the miscellaneous pics (with some minis this time)

Still working on the embroidery project...I didn't realize how much time was going to be involved or I'd have made it smaller...


Taking a break from embroidery to enjoy the last of the summer weather with my daughter, Kate...


Minis I bought from Audra when she was de-stashing...there is a larger window too...and some extra stuff she threw in that wasn't in the preview pictures she emailed me, because she's both generous and mischevious.


A rusty antique metal stove I picked up at an antique store a couple of months ago...some dental picks to make knives and dish scrubbers out of, as many of the folks on the Greenleaf minis forum are doing....a little urn and brass thingmajig from the Alden rummage sale....and a laundry basket I purchased from Shapeways that didn't turn out as described, but they were very nice about refunding my money.


A scroll saw my sweetie husband bought me at a yard sale this summer...twenty bucks and it works great...I haven't had a chance to use it since he tuned it up, but I have plans!


Susan's gratuitous cat picture...


Lastly...I found my prune box!  It's a Pepsi crate, not a prune box, but it's exactly what I needed.



That's the last of the oddball pictures from this summer.  I'm headed to Toronto with Kate and one of her girlfriends the first few days of October, so will fill up my camera again soon.



I'm back to work on the embroidery project I started months ago, then set aside when my work schedule got crazy.  I worked on it all day yesterday, while Netflix bingeing, which was kind of nice because I was really sore from my last workout, but I can't sit still all day like that again today....I have to run to Michaels to pick up something to make Susan's Halloween present, then I think I'm going to take one of the kayaks out on the lake.



A few pictures from the summer's last Friday Night Live, taken a couple of weeks ago....Kate and I had dinner downtown at the middle eastern restaurant (the roast lamb was incredible, the pistachio ice cream was fantastic, and the belly dancer was charming) then wandered around listening to the bands and watching the performers.





Pictures from a quick jaunt to Sutton's Bay at the beginning of August, for an art fair....



one of my favorite secondhand stores (no prunes box)


not sure what kind of flowers these are





We stopped by Cedar on the way home, because I'd never been there (all six buildings, I wasn't missing much)...we bought some snacks at the grocery/gas station/deli/video rental store.  I wanted to break into this derelict building when I saw wooden boxes through the window, but Husband Poopy-Pants wouldn't let me.