Christmas giveaway at BAGUS
working on the exterior


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Betsy Rogers

OOOOh.... this looks Delicious!!!
Please add me to the giveaway!
Any shelf will do!
Thank you for sharing!

Audra Whiple

This is great! Throw my name in the hat!
I am not picky - they all are wonderful!


Nice! I've been wanting to make some of these for a while but never got around to it. I love the ones on the bottom shelf.


So wonderful! All the selves look gorgeous, but if I could be able to choose,it would be the one in the middle :)
I'll have your link in my blog (no photo, just the link)


You are offering us wonderful goodies! All the jars look beautiful and it is difficult to choose. Count me in please :)
I cross my fingers and in the meanwhile I put a link on the sidebar of my blog. :)


Great giveaway! Would you please count me in? I have posted it on the sidebar of my blog :-)

Carrie Simmons

These are seriously cute. I love them all but the top shelve has to be my favorite. :)


Nom nom nom!!! :D You know shelf all the way!


It all looks wonderful!

Kate Miles

Please add me too...I like the top shelf best, but they're all wonderful :-)


They are so wonderfully detailed and realistic! Please include me in the giveaway. I added your blog to my list of blogs I follow. And I would add the giveaway if I knew how. :)

Lisa Rainey

Well, you are so talented. I really love these and appreciate being chosen for the giveaway, thank you


Thanks to Brae, I just found your blog. Took a few minutes to comment on this because I keep getting distracted by all the neat projects in the sidebar - Love your work on the Chantilly, that red and blue kitchen is beautiful. ^_^

Anyway, I would love to win a shelf worth of tiny preserves - Please count me in. :)

Sharee Sayers (12Create)

I would love to participate in your wonderful giveaway. All shelves are great. I have just discovered your wonderful blog and look forward to following your projects.


My pantry is pretty bare - the middle shelf with some peppers would be wonderful


Hi Keli,
Great work on your canning! I do like the top shelf.... They are all wonderful. Please include me in your give away .thank you for thinking of us!
Regards Janine


Glad to find your blog. Your work is amazing! Count me please! I can't choose, I love all. Feel free to visit my blog, I will put your link. Thanks and greetings from Hungary!

Wendy Cole

I love every one of them. They are so tiny and so real looking. Boy, my farmhouse could use some canned goods. LOL ;)


Wendy, that is a gorgeous Victorian farmhouse...but it's half scale. I will put your name in the drawing, but if you win I'll make you something special in half scale and draw a fourth name for the ones already made.

Daphne K.

Love the contents on the middle, but am not picky! Fantastic job! :D


Yes please put me in the hat! :) I like them all!

I'll put a link on my blog now

Oh my... So my grandmother's pantry! Please add my name to the list...anything you choose is bound to be awesome!


What a beautiful cans full, I love them all I can't make a choise.
groetjes van Marijke

Doris Plowick

I would be delighted with any of the three shelves, please add me to the giveaway.


Simply wonderful!Looks so realistic!

Joyce Holland

All are FABULOUS!!!! can I be greedy and take one of each shelf?😁

rosanna rolla

Ciao, my name is Rosanna from Genova, Italy
I came through Otterine's blog and I cannot believe how beautiful your work is
Please, count me in, any shelf would be a treasure to me
Thank you very much for this lovely chance


They are all beautifull! Please add me to the giveaway.

Mindy Winchester

Hello, What wonderful work! I would be honored to paerticipate in your giveaway, all shelves are wonderful, I LOVE the variety of jars & colors!


Love the all! But if i have to choose i pick the bottom shelf..thank you!


Oh my God !! I love them all !!!
I'll put a link to my blog !!!!

Heather S

Such a fab giveaway! I'd love the top shelf :)


Thanks so much for having the giveaway! Love your blog, and I'm always excited to see new posts.


Those are really nice. Throw my name in the hat for the top shelf please.


Your canning is awesome.

Jenny Schmidt

I have never seen anything like this! Reminds me of my mom canning when I was young. These would look great in my 1950s kitchen!


I love all of these! Please add my name to the giveaway. Any of them would look great in my farmhouse kitchen. Thanks!


Love what you've done. They are so realistic - the attention to detail is amazing!


Hi, add me to the giveaway! greetings from


I love all of them. Can't choose any shelf, the three are great! I just found your blog through Otterine's.


I am always inspired by your work. Please add my name to the draw. Thank you.

Amy Counts

How wonderful. The detail is amazing!!


There is no way I could choose between shelves... they are all so fabulous! Thank you for showing us your work, and being generous enough to give it away, too!! :)


Those lovely canned items would look perfect in my mini cabin! I would love to be added to the drawing, and any of the shelves would be a pleasure to win.

A. Bouwman

Just stummbled into this give away and it is lovely, I would like to win it, that can be the boost to finish my kitchen!


me encantan todos! subo enlace a mi blog

Rosa Mª

¡Que maravilla! todos ellos son preciosos y perfectos,felicidades .Pongo el enlace en mi blog:-)

Gaby Manon

What a real looking canned food! I love it and I would like to be added to your drawing. I don't have a blog, sorry, so I can't make a link to yours.
Succes with your beautiful work, Gaby Manon


Me encantaría poder participar!! Es una estantería espectacular!! Me daría igual el estante, todo se ve maravilloso!! Te anuncio en mi blog. Muchas gracias por la oportunidad


These are so lovely! I would love to have any shelf. Thanks for entering me.

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