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pantry addition walls are done

working on the exterior

When I plastered the exterior walls I used plaster of paris....I applied it with an old paintbrush, working quickly before the plaster set up.  I was left with a lot of brush marks...won't apply it that way again.  Yesterday morning I started up the kerosene heater in the garage, let it warm up for an hour, then carried the house out there for a good sanding.  I didn't want to remove all the brush marks, just take the tops off so they weren't so prominant.

Before   After

The sanding was finished quicker than I expected...I shouldn't have bothered to heat the garage.

After I cleaned my mess I brought it back into my studio to make the exterior walls for the addition.

I reviewed the pictures I took of Marie Antoinette's estate at Versaille...

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I made the walls on matboard, so that I can work with them on my table, weighing them down to dry as I go...except for the sliver of third wall, which I had to apply directly because there wasn't enough room.

DSCN1327  DSCN1325

I purposefully didn't draw out a pattern, but worked freehand, so to speak.  It took all day.  I listened to the entire season of Firefly while I worked....I've seen it a zillion times so I don't have to watch the screen.  Today I will listen to Serenity.  I love being able to stream Netflix on my iPad.

Right now there is a coat of gesso between the I fill them.  I have about a quarter of a jar of pumice gel and a third a jar of heavy gel medium left over from previous projects....I'm going to mix it with acrylic paint and some non-skid paint additive I bought one day to do something with...wish me luck.



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Betsy Rogers

I can't wait to see how your magic mixture looks! You are so fearless with combining all those ingredients! (I am a chicken that way... I always think I will end up with something accidentally toxic!!!)
As for sanding plaster... years ago my brother taught me to "sand" with a damp sponge. It keeps the "dust" under control, makes a quickly smoothed surface, and dries out in no time. Just make sure you rinse your sponge frequently in a bucket of water, and DON'T pour it down your drain! Dump it outside under the nearest bush! Much like the water from grouting all those tiles and bricks.
You are making great progress on this project!


O that will be a very beautiful house!
Great to see how you do it!
groetjes van Marijke

Margo M

I was wondering how you get the resin in your jars
do you use a syringe? and what about air bubbles?
did you put the veggies in first or "pour" and place pour & place?

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