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pantry roof done

I want the pantry roof to look old and kind of decrepit, while still in good repair, so when I put the shingles on I did a bad job, while try to make it look like I didn't do a bad job on purpose.  The shingles were curling up and sliding around in the glue a bit, it looked great...but then they settled down when they dried and I hated it.


I'm not sure which is uglier, the pointy tips, the color, or the neatness.  Yuck.

Yesterday I ran silver foil tape around the edges, then put another layer of shingles right over the top.  The shingles looked better wet, they calmed down and uncurled when the glue dried, but I was expecting it this time so built in a few 'lifted' ones

I stained them a lighter color, aged them with washes of paint, then applied moss quite liberally.   Moss application is quite tedious and more time consuming than I anticipated.


I may tinker with it some more later...split some shingle edges and perhaps pull one or two out and replace them with clean ones, to simulate a repair....but it's done enough now to call it finished.


I haven't cut the new walls for the contest kit yet....maybe today, depending on how long it takes me to shop for new bedding and get the housecleaning done.


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elizabeth slinn

LOVE the Pantry Roof! What a great job you did of the moss as well!


Thanks :)

I'm not sure I'm done yet, it's too uniform in color. I'll most likely add some bluish green, old and crispy moss to the mix.


Love the Roof! Perfect coloring!

Betsy Rogers

It is so much More realistic this way!!! Old roofs like that had several "generations" of shingles laid right on top of each other! it looks Fantastic!!!


Very nice!!!


Love it!!

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