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I fixed the duct coming off the water heater...straightened it, and ran it into a more sensible place on the main duct, to give that one a reason to increase in size at that junction.  I don't like using plastic straws, because the paint doesn't adhere well, even when they're gessoed first, but I did insert a little section of it on top of the aluminum armature wire because I couldn't think of anything that would work better.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do more with the stovepipe duct that runs along the very top of the wall...I'd like to replace it with a painted plastic straw, but again, the finish is so fragile that I'm wary..I'm still thinking about it.

I wish I could buy black or gray bendy straws.   Hmm...I've never searched on them for the internet...and here they are...duh!...I should check the local party supply store next time I'm on that side of town, I bet they have them.  


Something I did a few weeks ago I haven't shown you yet....I inserted a piece of  mirror finish scrapbook paper in an arc behind and above the fire, to bounce the light out.  It's hard to take a picture works great.


I spent most of the weekend out shopping.  I told husband I needed to go to Home Depot Saturday morning...he said he want to go to a new tool store...I replied "I like tools!".  First we stopped at the locally-owned hardware store for everything I could source there...spray paint, stain, and a few odds and ends.  Then we annoyed our daughter the barista at her workplace with an order for a "small skim soy half-caf mocha extra-foam caramel macchiatoccino decaf  upside-down double-shot low-foam vente extra-creamy medium doppio pour-over chocolate sprinkle latte no-sugar super-dry 2%  grande espresso, and I don't want to see one speck of cinnamon on the top or you'll be schlepping hot cocoa in Alaska, sweetheart!" (she said no, then made me an ordinary cappuccino just the way I like it). 

The new tool place was super cheap, in all possible ways, but I picked up a few things...more than husband did.  A quick stop at Home Depot afterward gave me more MDF to build out the contest kit, and husband a new shower head.

Now I should have all the supplies I need to start the contest stop was the liquor store...just need to find some energy.

Sunday we went mattress and bed shopping....that didn't take too terribly long, but I sat in the world's most comfortable recliner and refused to leave the store without it, so husband had to spend a couple of hours sitting in all the recliners several times to pick a new one out for him.  Now I need to, at some point this week, before the new, smaller, bed gets here next week, buy all new linens....sigh....and clean and find a new home for the theater chairs that need to come out of the living room to make room for the new recliners....which will arrive when the bed does, since there was no way I could fit mine in the trunk of my Volvo.

Also...more changes, changes, boss is retiring....the new CFO starts today.  I suppose I should dress in something more professional than sweat pants this morning.  (Our offices are spread out over the country, only the accounting office is in Michigan...we don't see customers here which means I wear anything from jeans to my cookie monster pajamas, depending on what mood I'm in.)


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The Fire looks gorgeous! Looks like it really has the heating effect for the room!
Sounds like you have been so buzy during the weekend.
Sounds cool place to work..


I really love the fireplace. It is wonderful! Hugs, Melli


Mirrored fireplace insert - brilliant!!

I want to see a photo of you in your new lounge chair in your cookie monster pajamas, too.

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