pictures of my trip to Grand Rapids, part five
kit giveaway

work on the houses is not going well.....

I cut tried to cut the new walls for the Creatin' Contest kit last night, since it was finally warm enough to work in the garage.  It has been below zero for weeks, yesterday it was in the low 60s...ah, Michigan.

My idea to bolt the two pieces together to cut them exactly the same worked measurements were perfect....I clamped on a board to use a fence in just the right spot....but I just couldn't keep the Dremel Trio against the fence during the cut.  Plus, the rotary saw chewed up the edges of the MDF, it wasn't a clean cut.


Husband gave it a try with the circular saw, without a clamped on fence.  His cut is better, and clean, but has a bow in the middle.


I've decided what I'm going to do is take the walls Husband cut to work with me today, then beg or bribe my assistant, Tiffany, to take them home to her builder husband, Jerry, to square them up on a table saw.  Or maybe Joe has a table saw...Joe built his own house, I bet Joe has a table saw.


While I was waiting for warmth I puttered around with the chimney top of the English Cottage Kitchen.  I added some ash build-up to the top and blackened the top of the working chimney pot.  I don't like it.  I liked it before.  I shouldn't have messed with it.


I think if I repaint the caps of the other three pots it will be better; right now the cement caps are too close in color to the ash.  Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.


I'm going to go curl up in my new recliner with Ester and my quilt, and drink a cup of cappuccino while I pout.





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Awww...pets for the kitty and hugs for you. :\ I like the chimneys, but I get it when it's not what you wanted.


I don't have any suggestions that could help, except to say that you're taking the same route I would take by following Ester's lead and curling up in the chair.

Weather is doing the same thing down here - was 2 degrees on Friday morning when I started my truck and then Saturday was too warm for a jacket.
As long as the sun is shining, I'm good with it all.

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