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painting the house

Work is progressing nicely on the contest kit.  The windows and doors have been reassembled and I started painting the walls.  The walls are a lovely gray named Nightingale, with teal as an accent color. 

I wanted a teal microsuede to upholster the couch with, just like the throw pillows in my living room, but couldn't find any at the fabric stores, so I bought new throw pillows instead ;)  I took the pillow (bottom shelf) to JoAnne's to buy as close a match in paint (top shelf) as I could...I did good.


The foundation has been increased in width and height and is ready to be finished as soon as it warms up enough to take my pile of taped pieces outside to spray paint.  It's supposed to be in the high 60s/low 70s this weekend.  Yay!  C'mon Spring!


microwaved windows

I made quite a bit of progress on the contest kit the last couple of days. 


The windows and doors were disassembled and stained...microwaving them for 10 seconds softens the glue enough to pull them apart.  I'll wipe them down this evening, then let them sit until Saturday morning to make sure they are all the way dry before I put the acrylic back in and glue them back together.

Holes and grooves for electrics is done as far as I can take it for now.  The rest of the walls got a coat of gesso and were sanded.  I got the beams taped and was going to spray paint them, until I looked out my window and noticed it was snowing.  I'm sure by the time it warms up again all the painter's tape will have let loose.

I'd have got more done, but daughter rented a bunch of movies ;)

my loot from the show, part two


A glass octopus and paperweight from Vitreus Ignis.  I could have spent a small fortune at their booth....I regret leaving the glass lizard behind :(


Glasses with lenses from Spencer's Nook.  The other items didn't have the seller I bought them from on the receipts.  The sheets of paper were my free gift from the Three Blind Mice show.


A cacti and the woven baskets I purchased from Grapevine Miniatures.  The vegetables and basket of mushrooms came from assorted vendors.


Birds and a lizard, made by Barbara Ann Meyer of Mini Gems.


A glass decanter, matching seltzer bottle and stemmed glasses, on a glass tray, from C&J Gallery.  A square glass whiskey decanter and glasses from Gerd Felka.  An abalone shell from Lynn Miniatures.  Sunglasses from A Little More in Miniatures.


Shoes made by Patrizia Santi.


Glass liquor bottles, cocktails, and glassware from The Little Dollhouse Company.  This is where I went over budget :D  Glass bottles look more realistic and photograph so much better than plastic bottles do.  I did manage to restrain myself from buying the more expensive bottles with real liquor in them.


More odds and ends from The Little Dollhouse Company.

my loot from the show, part one


Glassware from Marie's Mini Shoppe.


A ceramic urn with tap, glass perfume bottle with stopper, and hand painted ceramic sink from Taller Targioni.


A Guatemalan woven rug/throw from Texas Tiny and a bird of paradise flower from Carol's Bloomers.


Pantry filler items from Wright Guide Miniatures.


Odds and ends from Cottage of Miniatures.


An owl trivet, silver tongs, and brass comb, by le mini di Pierluigi, purchased from The Little Dollhouse Company.


 Kits for wooden chests, a sheet of paper scissors, and a sheet of thread winders, from Lisa's Little Things.


A cherry cleaver and sharpening steel from J. Getzan.


Some paper covered wire from multiple sources, and a leaf veining tool from Templewood Miniatures.


Some chairs from WCD Miniatures.  They're plastic but are well made, have great detail, and a fantastic price point ($11 each).  I got these at the Three Blind Mice show, which was in a different location the same weekend.


Marble from Unicorna.


A Chinese checkers kit from Dragonfly International.  A yardstick, some embroidery in progress, and an embroidered bag, from Ruth Moe.


Wooden veneer trim, also from Ruth Moe.


Some canned goods and olive oil from Tiny Ter Miniatures.  A basket from Wilhelmina Miniatures, who was at the Three Blind Mice show.


A corn plant kit, from PepperWood Miniatures.  Thank you Brae, for asking if she had more stashed in the back, since we both wanted the one she had on the table.


Ester has been enjoying my purchases too...she looooves her some paper....



back from the show

Home again!  Real coffee and no expressways....ahhh.....

Chicago is a beautiful city, and the Bishop show was AMAZING.  I got to see Brae again, I met April and Blondie, friends from the Greenloaf Forum, and I met Syd, from Mini Mod Pod.  I had a ton of fun, saw some wonderful miniatures in person that I'd drooled over via the internet, and spent the entire bonus I got at work, plus a little extra.  Plus, I got some wonderful mother/daughter time.

I'm on vacation through Wednesday, so I'll get all my new goodies photographed and cataloged today, so I can share them tomorrow.

Today I'll show you what I was working on the past couple of weeks but didn't blog about...presents for my mini-friends.

For Blondie....

DSCN1675I dreaded the thought of another canning batch, but Blondie is worth the trouble.


For April...


DSCN1679I'm going to have to make one of these plants for me, I love how it turned out.


For Brae....

DSCN1680Husband made the functioning jumper cables...I told her she wasn't obligated to use them, they're too big to be in scale...but husband is sweet, so I gave them to her.

DSCN1683The old bicycle pump was a pain, but it turned out great.  It was assembled from a T-pin, chopstick, cocktail straw, plastic caps, cord, crimp beads, wire, and an old postage stamp.

DSCN1684The battery is made with a block of wood, two kinds of bolts, jewelry findings, and straight pins.  I used wee amounts of gorilla glue to make the acid seepage.

getting ready for the show

Three more long days of anticipation before the Chicago show...arrrggghhhh.

I've been spending a lot of time in my studio preparing.  In an attempt to be more conscientious about my shopping this year I dug out all the boxes of yet-to-be-used minis from my closet, then sorted through and photographed the contents.  There is more in my stash than I remembered; I found a box of furniture and kits I forgot I owned.  (Whiskey and ebay don't mix well.)

I've also been making some things....I'll post pictures later, glue is still drying.

Ester has claimed not only my abandoned recliner, but my blanket and neck pillow as well.  She doesn't want to give them back .


I've got a couple more days of work at the office, then start a week long vacation.  Thursday I'll clean house and pack my bag; we're leaving around 4 am Friday morning to be at the show when it opens.   My mom, who retired at the beginning of the month, is coming with me.

I'll see you all next week, when I get back.  Brae, April and Blondie...I'll see you on Friday!  Yay!