this house can jam
Tropical Beach House - the living room

Tropical Beach House - my entry into the HBS Creatin' Contest 2015

The base kit:92015_lg

My first dry fit:


My submission:

Jon and Jeannie ran away from home one cold and snowy night; now they live in a house on a tropical beach.  Jon still runs five miles each morning, but now he surfs every afternoon.  Jeannie enjoys yoga on the beach, snorkeling, and building sand castles.  They have become beach connoisseurs, traveling the world and bringing back a bit of each beach they visit, storing the memories in glass jars on their shelves.  They are home for a while now, dog-sitting for their neighbors.  Jeannie just came home from shopping in town, Jon has crafted her his signature cocktail to enjoy as they eat take-out sushi on the deck.





 I'll have more detailed posts coming over the next few days, with credits to the artisans who crafted the accessories.


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Excellent work! :D That would be the life, no?


Wow beautiful house and beautiful beach to photograph on. Fantastic work!

I lived in Michigan until last year :)


I bet Jon and Jeannie have nothing against me crashing on their couch for a couple of days? I really need some holidays and I happen to have some more days left, this looks like the perfect place to spend some time! What a great job you did, I love the idea of the jars and the upper level looks so relaxing. Very well done.


Of course there's room on the couch!

Thanks for the compliments, everyone :)

Jodi Hippler

Love, love love... <3 <3 <3

Looks great Keli! So much detail. I wish someone made me a cocktail to have on my veranda (the truth is I got really drunk and ill on the weekend, for the first time in 10 years and so alcohol hasn't been very attractive this week).

Your story reminds me of the Fastball song 'The way' - "an exit to eternal summer slacking..."

Wilma Knipe

Beautiful. A work of art: and I love the Maltese. Good luck you are a shoe in :)


I love it so much! I'll move in right away! :D

elizabeth s

Hi Keli, What a Fabulous layout and Excellent usage of the space! Your cottage is an Ideal Retreat for those that enjoy nature and especially the ocean view!
I like the way that you have mixed the casual with the sophisticated; the simple with the more complex. There's OODLES of ATMOSPHERE and a quality of Life and Light, that make this build IRRESISTIBLE!
Beautiful Work! :D


SO nicely done!

I think the doggie needs to go out for a walk!

Rebecca ElusiveArtisan

I frequently return to stare at this post. I myself entered the Creatin Contest the year before (2014) and considered entering a second time in 2015 but am so glad I did NOT because this may be one of the most brilliant builds I have ever seen in mini world. In fact, if anyone else had won over this house I would have felt like you'd been cheated out of the Grand Prize. Truly brilliant.

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