Tropical Beach House - the living room
the little stone house is now in the family

Tropical Beach House - the dining room


Acrylic table:  MitchyMooMiniatures

Black chairs:  Shapeways

Filled shopping basket, bowl of oranges, and bowl of fruit: Abasketof

Handbag: DesignBA

Sunglasses: A Little More in Miniature

Schefflera leaves: sdk miniatures

The paper shopping bags came with other orders packed in them, the pink elephant is a bead.  I don't remember where I bought the keys, the iPhones, or the big green glass bottle on the floor.  I picked up the Toblerone at the Bishop show, but don't know from who.


Labeled glass bottles, wine and margarita glasses, and glass jar of lemon slices:  The Little Dollhouse Company

Glass decanter, matching seltzer bottle and stemmed glasses, on a glass tray: C&J Gallery

Square glass whiskey decanter and glasses: Gerd Felka

Pottery: Elisabeth Causeret

I don't remember where I got the corkscrew, cocktail shaker, or little glass bottle.  I made the bar.



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If you're serving, I will have a rum and coke with a lime slice. It's 11 o'clock somewhere, right?


Incredible work. Bravo!


I CANNOT get over the amount of detail you have in this! I especially love the design you put into the structure and the walls!

elizabeth s

One of the MANY thing that I LOVE about these photos is that you have breathed the sense of Daily Life and Activity into your mini home. That addition of the Toblerone on the counter, is a sweet indulgence after seeing all of the healthy fresh fruit that is on display! Who can resist the cravings for chocolate over an orange every now and then? :D
I also LOVE your interior color scheme and the way that you have used the lime greens with the complimentary purple and turquoise, really bold and PERFECT with the mix of glass and transparent accessories! The mix of woods is also Fabulous. It looks like someone has lived here for a very long time and enjoys it just as much as We Do! :D


Thank you, Elizabeth, I tried very hard to give just that sense to the viewer.

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