Tropical Beach House - my entry into the HBS Creatin' Contest 2015
Tropical Beach House - the dining room

Tropical Beach House - the living room


The TV is a sixth generation iPod.  It connects to a circuit board amplifier built into the planter box on the deck, which connects to both a battery supply and a transducer mounted under the house that turns the 'box' of a house into a speaker.  The house plays rather loud music :D

The Chanel book was a gift from Kat, the newspaper and pencil are from Cottage of Miniatures. There are a couple of beads, a glass vase, and a wee plastic turtle, everything else was made by either me or Mother Nature.  The jars contain beach sand from beaches the residents have traveled to, each is labeled with the location and year of their visit.  Different colors of sand were created by raiding the spice jars in my kitchen, some were colored with a bit of glitter.  The contents of each jar is unique.

The chair was purchased off ebay; I made the sectional.  The fabric for the pillows came from Wee Wovens.  The teeny pair of reading glasses with lenses I picked up at the Bishop show from Spencer's Nook.  The teacup is Chrysbon, I put a drop of tea in then let it evaporate to stain the bottom.


The sweet dog was felted from wool by Angelika Ostapchenko.






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How I wish I was snuggled in on that couch....and not watching Sesame Street right now ;)

Nancy Enge

Love seeing and reading about the details, and learning of new sources. And thanks for the link list of other builders!

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