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what's going on here....

Kate moved out.  It was surreal.  I'm grateful for the renovations on her house providing a transition time, so I could get used to the idea before it happened.   I was anticipating the empty bedroom she vacated but not the other odd empty spaces, like the bare shelf in the medicine cabinet or the half full coat closet.  Each time I discover one it's like a little hole is pierced in my heart. 

The change has been unsettling for her as well, she visits a lot.  She said it doesn't feel like she's moved into her own house, but rather like she's on a trip.  She suspects that's mostly because her house isn't furnished yet.  (She had to use her furniture budget on the unexpected issues that cropped up during the reno, and is saving all her pennies for the new roof she needs before winter.)    Thank goodness garage sale season is starting.


I've been busy moving into Kate's old room.



I contemplated painting the walls a different color, but I haven't recovered from all the painting at Kate's house yet.  It feels a bit like blue overload to me, but if it still bothers me a few months from now I can paint then.

Kate left behind the bed but took her mattresses.  She also left two bookcases she didn't have room for, and a mirror.  I kept the bed, but gave the headboard a fresh coat of paint, changing it from black to royal blue.  We gave the bookcases to my mom, for storage in her sewing room.  I kept the mirror because I didn't want to repair the holes in the wall if I took it down.  It hangs above the dresser, but it's not in the picture because I'm repainting the frame (it was black).

I bought myself new mattresses, bedding, curtains, and a lamp.  I repainted the 1950s hand-me-down dresser I've been using for years and gave it new hardware.  I hated to do it, it was a nice mid-century modern piece, but it was showing a lot of wear and the price tag on a new dresser of comparable quality was outrageous. 

I thought I'd let my feminine side out to play in this room, but it's starting to get a bit too girly and shabby-chic already, so I need to bring my tomboy side in to balance it out.  With that in mind, I'm drawing bugs all over the repainted mirror frame. 


I'm planning to paint the bugs with iridescent paints.  It will take a while to draw them all on first though, and I'm in no hurry to finish.  I imagine it will be an every-once-in-a-while project....especially since I'm itching to get into my studio to start on this year's contest kit.

Next on my list is to get some artwork hung, the empty walls are starting to weird me out.

It's also weird to have a separate bedroom from my husband.  It's not like we slept together anyway, I've been sleeping on the couch for 17 years because he SNORES, and I'm getting improved rest on my new cloud-like pillow-top mattress, but it feels unnatural.  We've been spending more time doing things together, to compensate.

Let's see, what else is going on....



Kate's roommate's cat had kittens...sweet, fluffy, playful, adorable kittens.  Kate is keeping Gomez, since Gomez became her shadow the minute they moved in.  I tried to take Bells, to give Ester a new companion, since Wakefield left us last summer, but Ester was violently opposed.  I had to give Bells back because I feared for her safety.  As long as Ester is alive we'll have to be a one cat household.  Kate has decided to keep Bells, since she's started sleeping in bed with her and Gomez.  I agreed that if she wants to have more than one cat it's easier to get them together, as kittens.

There are an awful lot of cats in that little house, but as long as everyone is happy and healthy, that's what counts.