Walls are up!
checking in


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Hooray!!! :D Congrats!


Oooohh! Congratulations! That's so cool.



I have to send this post to Rotten so he can show everyone at work that you're even more famous now!
And I have to go look for the magazine - I think our B&N carries it.




I went downtown to the hobby shop on my lunch hour to pick it up, but they don't carry it anymore. I had to order it online.


How exciting! Front page! Congratulations Keli!

Nancy Enge

Possibly their best cover ever. So many thoughtful details, and yay for contemporary modern! Well done, Keli!


You guys make me smile :)

Fran Casselman

Congrats Keli, but also Brae and Nancy, as well. The issue features all of our top winners and your projects are on the inside. Love the big, slick photo pages!

Mad for Mod

Well deserved, Keli! This is awesome!

Jodi Hippler

I just can't get over how amazing your pictures are! You could not have captured that beautiful beach home any better! Congrats on the cover! It is so exciting! And to think we knew you when! :O)


Congratulations! 😊 A deserved tribute

Nancy Enge

Keli, I just got the copy of Miniature Collector with our HBS 2015 entries. So fun to see! I liked that they also featured first time entrants. So much talent in our community, with you, our queen :)


Congratulations! Your house is so amazing!


Queen for a year :) I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.


Hi Keli, Well done. I bet it felt wonderful to see your work on the front page. Well deserved!
Sorry about your noggin, that was quite a crunch.
regards Janine

elizabeth slinn

How MARVELOUS for you Keli! Not just a feature but on the Cover of American Miniaturist- BRAVO!!! And Well Deserved ! :D

p.s. your latest project looks really interesting too! I LOVE the deep rich color you have selected for the exterior, it seems to go with the structure beautifully!

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