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another new chair

I didn't make this one, I ordered it from WickerMiniature, on Etsy.  It's bigger than my chairs.  I assembled all the 1:12 scale chairs I own in a line, to see how they compared.  Neither Olga's nor my chairs are out of scale, but rather hers is on the large end, mine on the small end.

On my porch, I prefer Olga's larger chair, so I'll save the ones I made for other projects.  I will have to reupholster the cushion though, as it doesn't fit my color scheme.

I'm sure that many are trying to maximize space in this kit, but I'm trying to minimize it.



The August issue of American Miniaturist is out (Susan, I got one for you).  There is a nice article about my beach house.

I was absolutely thrilled to see Susi's record shop on the cover.  It was my favorite of the contest entries last year.


I'm headed to the beach today.  I need some time in the sun, and also some really small rocks for landscaping.


two more chairs

I almost got two more finished...but I ate pizza, saw the new Star Trek movie, drank  bourbon,and danced with my husband...time well spent.


I'm calling the brown chair my experiment chair.  The white one is just because I like the pattern. 

First and foremost, I wanted it (both of them) to have a more contemporary shape. 

I increased the weave in areas of the top and sides, to make the chair sag a bit.  It's got a great profile, though I should have woven the sag into the shoulder area. 


The base is wood, and square, instead of mat board, and U-shaped, which is easier to work with.

I used wrapped wire instead of a braid to trim, to have more control over the shape of the chair, and because I thought I'd like the look better (I do). 

I wove the front bottom section over the front of the base, which is something I've seen Casey do in her tutorials, as well as the curved bottom, instead of a straight across weave.

I call all of those experiments successful. 

I did one other thing I wish I hadn't.  I purposefully wove in some mistakes in a a couple of rows, so that I could see how noticeable it is in the finished chair.  I wanted to know, going forward, how many rows it's necessary to rip out to fix an error, or if one should be left alone if it means repeating a lot of work.  I learned that it depends on the mistake; one is glaringly obvious to me, the others are not.  Thankfully, I did think to make them low enough in the chair that a throw pillow will hide them.


productive weekend

I glued the interior trim in, suspecting I wasn't going to like the color.


I was right.  I repainted it the same gray as the exterior.


Then I used parts leftover from the Tropical Beach House to build a skylight, installed it, and glued the roof on.


I let it dry overnight, then put on tar paper(ish) roofing.


I'm still  not sure if I like it.  I texted a pic to Susan, and she said it didn't look dumb, so I think it's just because I know what it's made of, and it was so easy it feels like I cheated somehow.  Care to guess?


I installed the last piece of exterior trim, then began work on the ceiling.