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Busy, busy weekend


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You tease! Turn the lights on!


Emily's right! I wanna see. Please?

I do love how it looks though, like twilight on some off the road side campsite.


How about painting a pic of the actual outside view where you're going to take photos of the build and putting that on the easel? I'm getting carried away aren't I?
Looking forward to seeing the final reveal =0)


That was the original plan, when my concept was a single artist's studio. The 'all black and white except the painting on the easel' concept. The painting was going to be of a bright red poppy field. I was going to buy a big poster to be the backdrop.

I guess when I dropped that plan my brain dropped all of that plan, since I don't need the paintings to be so vibrantly colored now. A local landscape will do.

I'm not sure where the best pictures will turn out to be, I have plans to cart the whole mess around to several locations. I don't see why I can't take my sketch pad to those spots first, though. Even if, in the final pics, the background doesn't match the canvas, most likely a sketch will.

At least it gives me an idea of what to paint, which is one more than the no ideas I've had so far. Thanks. :D


Hooray! :D Looks like the perfect place to get away from it all.


Kitty cat is sitting there in the dark on the railing, looking at things you can't see...


Perhaps he hears the monster scurrying under the trailer....


Squishy Lizard!

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