pictures taken today
little stone house update

what I did this week


I've no more pictures of the Mobile Studio to show you, because I haven't sorted through them yet.  I've been taking a break from minis.  I read two books and an article in American Miniaturist about the cemetery in a tomb that I made Susan a few years ago.  I did clean my studio today though, so I'll be back at it tomorrow.  Maybe.  There is a new season of Supernatural on Netflix.




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Aww! Looks like Esther is enjoying you being still and reading too.


Keli, I'm rather missing your stories about the Little Stone House... Just another kind of mini-ing, after all, and I found it fascinating. Any developments there?


There are updates, Pernille. I should drive out there with my camera today...

elizabeth s

Hi Keli ! I think that every studio reaches a breaking point where you finally have to deal with the creative MESS you've made during your process of "Making". I know that whenever it comes time for me to clean up, I always enjoy seeing the surface of the tabletop again after I've tackled the debris. Needless to say that once I get going again, it's as if the cleaning never happened and no doubt it is the same with you, so it was good for you to have taken the photo or your Re-sorted Studio just for the record. ;P

Jodi Hippler

Congratulations on a well deserved respite and getting to be celebrated in print for your wonderful creativity and talent! Now get up and show us more! ;O)


Ester!! Watching her relax is relaxing!

I'm starting to decorate for Halloween and have the cemetery lighting up my living room.
You definitely deserved to have it seen in A.M.!

And I am so envious of that clean craft room!

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