Squishy Lizard does not like the new neighbors
overdue post


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Well done! =applauds= It must be a relief to have it sent on.

I love DA -- just binge watched it a second time not too long ago during my build. :D


I still love how this looks. Every single time I want to sit down and snuggle into that sweater.

Jodi Hippler

Although it was hard to choose, you could not have gone wrong. They were all excellent shots! Congrats! Can't wait to see us all on the HBS site together!


Great choice on the pics picked!

And I'm with Sheila about the sweater - it looks very soft and warm!

elizabeth s

You have certainly NAILED this portable Artist's retreat Keli! The skylight is Wonderful and the 2 separate areas for the artists at work, perfectly outlines who they are and their particular visions and sensibilities . Love the fuzzy sweater and the push-broom against the door, and the kitchen chair and the drop cloth, etc. ... everything perfectly BELIEVABLE!
Your landscaping is Very Authentic as well and seeing that shelter off in the distance closer to the water, is the perfect transition between Reality and what is Miniature.


I think you've chosen well with the photos. I'm almost pleased that it was cloudy on the day you took the photographs because the light inside, in my humble opinion, is more atmospheric. Love all the wonderful detail. Well done and good luck with the competition :0)


Congratulations! It looks fantastic! I'll take one in life size please!

Mike Adamson

Best of luck Keli......Brilliant work! Love those outdoor shots! I'm sure if I looked for long enough I'd catch a bird pecking at the feeder!

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