progress on the 1:144 barn
I'm still alive


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Your barn looks so sweet! Love the little animals!

Hope you feel better! Flu is going around everywhere.

Jodi Hippler

It's in one piece and soooo cute! I bet it took a lot of patience!

RX: Drink lots of fluids, wear comfy pants, stay bundled and watch good movies. Oh, and it's okay to whine a little...

Feel better!


Cutest thing ever!!
You're more creative on your sick days than I am on my best ones!
They are tiny little sweeties and will no doubt be polite enough to leave some roughage for scenery.
Such detail in such small size - they're really kind of incredible!

My two cents on your cold: egg drop soup (disgusting unless you are sick, when it is magical), Vicks, warm socks, texts to random weirdos, and yep, good movies.
I'm binge-watching Shut Eye on Hulu - didn't think I would like it at all but it's getting good.
The new Sherlocks are rolling on PBS, too.
The Abominable Bride from last season, if you haven't watched it, but it's bizarre. I think we watched it on Netflix?
Oh, and Zoolander 2, if you haven't seen it. Benedict Cumberbatch, nuff said.


Creative? All I did was glue down railroad scale animals I ordered from Amazon.

Fluids, check. Comfy pants, check. Warm socks, check. Random texts to weirdo, check. Bundled, check. I never appreciate the warm quilt Susan made me more than when I'm sick.

Egg drop soup sounds wonderful, but the temperature outside is in the single digits so I'm not going to walk the block to Fu Hua to get it. I've been making due with canned soup from my pantry. I did order in some chicken pesto pizza last night, even though I was only able to eat one slice.

I watched the whole season of Shut Eye on Thursday...I liked it. Watched miscellaneous TV shows yesterday, and Shaun the Sheep the Movie because it makes me laugh...though based on the coughing fits that brought on it probably wasn't a good idea.

I did think about reaching Sherlock episodes. Maybe later today. There are a bunch of new shows on Netflix I want to check out.

Zoolander? Really? But it looks so stupid. Or is that the point?


Oh, I was right there with ya. oy...nasty illness. Hope you're better. :]


Oh, Zoolander is extremely stupid!! And yes, very much the point of it.
Zoolander 2 is as stupid as the first, if not more so.
Watch them both, or at least wade into the first as far as you can make it.

Each has one of my favorite movie scenes ever. :D

Hope you're much better by now.


Aww not you too? Everbody is coming down with the dreaded lurgy. Hope you feel better soon. Stay warm and hydrated =0)

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