bed done
Saturday morning


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Wow! Talk about progress. I like the color variation of the green/purple but that solid purple is so striking! Gorgeous. I also really like the paler striped ones in your sixth picture, the one in the middle with an arrow pointing at it. Reminds me a bit of the sedum my mom grew in our backyard.


I like those too. :) As soon as I'm done with the current batch I'm going to make a bunch of them.

elizabeth s

ALL of your Echeveria are look Good Keli! Of course some varieties are going to be better liked than others but when the are amassed on the roof of your bungalow, the effect will be Stunning!
It's so funny in retrospect because when I was first introduced to RL gardening, I had a strong dislike for them, and in my ignorance, I used to pull them out and throw them away until I saw how pretty they could be and the vast amount of color variations they consisted of.
I now consider them Valued Soldiers in my garden, because they never give up growing and hold their ground through all kinds of weather.
What a Plant ! :D

Jodi Hippler

Great diagram and endorsement for the alcohol markers! You've been busy! Some are more exciting to look at than others, but when you get them all together in a scene I think each will play it's part to become a wonderful and eye pleasing group!

Nancy Enge

Nice work! I like your color studies.


They all look amazing! The last 2 pics look just like the ones I planted last season amongst the rocks. Your hard work has really paid off

Mad for Mod

Keli-That does look like a bazllion! What comes after a bazillion? They all look great!


A gajillian ;)


What comes after gajillian? Nervous breakdown!

Loving these, though, and Archer reruns are even better than Archer for mindless crafting, because you don't have to look at the screen.
Have I asked you yet if you're watching The Santa Clarita Diet?


Yeah, I'm loving the purple, too! Are your fingers all cramped up? :\


Not yet, but I'm sure they will be :)

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