starting on the bed
working on the bed

a bazillion echeveria - day two


I spent a few hours yesterday and this morning making my hands sore with punches.  I knew the markers Nancy raved about were going to arrive today, and I wanted to have shapes ready to color.  They did arrive, but were sitting in a box on my porch all afternoon.  It's a whole 14°F here...feels like 1°F with the wind chill factored in.  Sigh.  I feel I need to let them come up to room temperature before I start to play.


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Yikes. Cold cold cold.
Mine are supposed to arrive in a couple days. I'm so excited! I want to pick colors and make baskets!

On the bright side I think you have enough shapes to color for a bit. You look so organized.


I'm going to be even more organized soon, I've got little storage containers coming. :)


I'm interested to hear what you think of the markers!

elizabeth s

You are off to to a good start Keli. It is always the preparation time which is the most tedious but it has to be done before the fun part can begin.
And like Susan, I too am interested in hearing more about these fantastic markers.

Nancy Enge

Well, um. I’m not sure it was me who *raved* about the the Letraset/Winsor & Newton Promarkers; I’ve just been using them for years. There are other brands of alcohol base markers. My point was, and is, (until W&N pays me for promotion): use what you have on hand.
Anyway. When I was doing the living roof for Sea House Warming Hut, my vision changed as I engaged with the build. Succulents do not exist in an exclusive environment. In my experience, they thrive with other low-water, drought-tolerant species. I offer this only as a suggestion to relieve the burden of a mono-culture chain gang echeveria production line burn out. I’m sure whatever you do will be briliant.


I missed the point. That's okay, though, because I really like these markers. I've never owned a good set of markers before.

Succulent burnout has already occurred to me and is being prepared for. :)

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