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I went shopping yesterday.  Michael's, Pet Smart, and JoAnne's.  I hate shopping.  Pet Smart was the worst...crowded...horrible, twangy, too loud country music...and some small horse that looked like a cross between a Standard Poodle and a St. Bernard thrust it's entire snout in my crotch, from behind, and almost knocked me over.  I have got to start ordering cat food online.

All the paper at both Michael's and JoAnne's was looked over at least twice.  Also stick-on vinyl sheets, wrapping paper, etc.  I didn't find anything I liked.   There used to be a proper art supply store downtown, with large sheets of artist's papers.  The big chain stores put it out of business years ago.  I miss it dearly.  One cannot purchase a just-right shade and texture of paper without seeing it in person.

Once paper was made an impossibility I wandered over to the fabric section.  Too many choices!  I spent an unreasonable amount of time examining the three dozen almost-the-same-shades of light tan before I shook my head to clear the cobwebs and just picked one already.  I'm going to cover the walls with fabric this year.  I also picked out a patterned fabric for the chair....or rather, it picked me...I was walking past the patterns to get to the solids when it stopped me in my tracks.

DSCN4610 (2)

These are this year's colors.  Thalo Blue and natural wood for the exterior.  Deep blues and browns for the interior, with white, tan, and small shots of gold.  The roll of paper at the top of the picture is from my stash, it was one of the contenders for the floor in the beach house, it will become bathroom tiles in this build.


I am going to turn the house to move the front entry to the side, and change the placement of all the windows.  This makes the overall proportions a bit awkward for my needs, so I'm going to cut at least two inches from the depth of the structure.  While I appreciate that grooves make a nice, tight fitting build, it doesn't make it easy to alter (is that the point?).  Thankfully, I have my fabulous little table saw, so can recreate the edge of the walls.

The best course of action for this build, I've decided, is to make and fit the furnishings first, before I make irreversible alterations to the structure.   I'll leave the build in dry fit for quite some time, I expect.

DSCN4622 (2)

The flat section of the roof will be a succulent covered green roof.  I've estimated I'll need to make a bazillion paper echeveria.  But then I found these at Michael's yesterday.  They may be a bit big, but I can remove the bottom row or two of leaves if necessary.  They will add some variety in plant size and thickness to the roof, and will reduce my labor.


I'll close with a gratuitous picture of a fuzzy round ball.





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Nancy Enge

Ooooh, love your color choices and the foulard! Very welcoming :)


Love that fabric! Reminds me of tapestries. I don't know if you've ever used fabric on walls before, but I will say it makes dusting a bit more difficult. Looks gorgeous though.

I'm curious to see the layout and how you like everything with the windows and door switched around. The living roof sounds like it'll be fun.


Foulard. Today's word-of-the-day. Where's my dictionary....


Very classy palette. Love the mix of patterns. :D


Ooooh this is getting me excited to get to work as well! I love that fabric!

Also- we buy our pet food from Amazon as often as we can hahaha VERY convenient!

elizabeth s

Hi Keli!
I too, love your choice of fabrics!
Covering the walls with fabric used to be the ONLY choice for me back in the day because there was not much to choose from in miniature wall papers and fabric offered more options as well as the opportunity for coordinating upholstery.
The method I used then was to back the fabric with heavy iron on interfacing before glueing it to a heavy card. Glues were quite different 20-30 years ago, but as the times change and crafts expand, methods and materials change along with them, so it will be interesting to see how you adapt and apply your fabrics for this HBS project.


Oh, this is going to be a good one!! I love your color choices! I'm also intrigued by the idea of a tiny pony wandering the aisles at Petsmart...

Mad for mod

Sounds cozy!


OOOh! I'm an idiot. I forgot to tell you if you need another of the small double paned windows I have some I got at auction a while back.


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind, but as it stands now I think I'll have an extra.

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