gratuitous cat picture
color scheme scheming


I've decided on an interior layout.  I'm not going to show you just yet.

With that done, I dug into my basket of fabric to lay out possible color schemes.  Carpet, bedding (white), curtains, and chair.


I picked one, then second guessed myself all week in favor of another.  When I looked at this picture again this morning I knew my first choice was the right one.

There are not enough pieces of the same paper in my stash for wall covering, though I did pick one for bathroom tiles, so I'm off with my fabric swatches to Michael's today, to spend the gift certificate my brother gave me for Christmas.



Ester has moved from the seat of my her recliner to the top.  I thought it meant I could sit in it again; that we could share.  I was mistaken.  Instead she places her back feet in the center of my head and pushes.

  20170201_192916 20170201_192930 20170201_192916 20170201_192930 20170201_192916








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I can't wait to see your color scheme for this one!!

And Ester is gorgeous, as always, and you have to admit that you are taking up a lot of her potential "feet stretching" space by leaning your head back against the chair. She may not be using that space at the moment, but you'll be ever so slightly in her way if/when she might want to.

And yay for the blue hair being back!!


Yay for blue hair! I feel like myself again when I look in the mirror.


When you write a new post and Ester is in it, I can't see anything else than Ester! I'm curious about your color scheme choice, I have been buying fabrics today myself - Oh my! There are always too many options!


Hey your hair is back to its 'normal' color! Looks so cool.

I'm so curious about your color scheme and layout! Can't wait to see. Don't tease us too long please.

Ester has something in common with my Helo cat. No matter what the space, there's never enough room for a cat.

First inklings are usually right! Trust your instinct. Ester is funny! She knows what she wants. We'd get our little dog's feet in our ribs in bed at night when she got too hot. Geez they were pointy.

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