crazy cat lady
a bazillion echeveria - day two

starting on the bed

I started making the bed first, since it's the largest piece of furniture in the room.  It doesn't look like much yet, but it will be luxurious (hopefully) once the base and pillows are on.  I have to sew pillows next.  Ugh.  Sewing.  Boo.  It will be nice to get it over with, though, so I don't have it on the to-do list to dread.


Giving thought to the parts of the build I dread makes me wonder what else I can do in the beginning, when my motivation and creativity are in high gear.  I can't think of anything else, at the moment, that I dread, but I can see the tedium of making a bazillion echeveria.  I'm going to set up an echeveria station on a tray, at the dining room table, and devote an hour a day to them, so that when it comes time to plant the roof I'll be ready, or at least have a good start.


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Ugh, sewing! Any way to get around it?


I used double stick tape on the sheets, but pillows look best when they're sewn. I've tried to make them with that iron on hem adhesive stuff before but it makes them stiff and they don't look natural.


Maybe if you send Brae some fabric she'll make you pillows? But I know what you mean. I used to really like sewing but these days I need a major magnifying glass to do any miniature needlework.

I'm so curious about your build. Can't wait to see!


I am much too particular about having the pillows the perfectly correct size to fit just so on the bed. There is no way I'd hire it out and subject someone else to my compulsion.


LOL oh I can understand that. Nobody believes me about being OCD until they see the dollhouse. Then they're all ' it makes sense'.


I second your Boo for sewing. It is always the very last thing I do :0/


That's so smart to do the parts you dread first! I should probably do the same because I burnt out SO fast last year!

Jodi Hippler

Just remember how beautiful the bed will look with all those fabulous linens you chose! Bigfoot encounter podcasts are great for diffusing the monotony, too! Let me know if you'd like a list of the good ones. :OP


I've had the least pillow pain (and pointy corners) with the Ambers House tutorial. It's the only way I make pillows now.


Thanks for the the tutorial, I read it. It's how I make my pillows already :) My mom told me to do it that way....blind stitch, I think she called it.

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