a bazillion echeveria - day twenty-six
building furniture smarter

a bazillion echeveria - canceled

I was getting something off the top shelf of my bookcase today when I took a good look at the dusty mess that is the flower garden of the Michigan Lake Cottage.  It is a pain to clean without damaging it.  Why would I do that to myself again?


The planted roof on this kit will be plastic, and removable, so that I can take it off the top of the house and spray it clean in the shower.  I've got almost enough plants already.


I shall reclaim my dining room and move back to my studio to start on the build.




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Aww... but I can see your point. Even if you get a cover over it, the dust still gets in.


Unfortunate but a wise choice. :\ My lawns are all vacuum-ready. :D

elizabeth s

I'm sad but you're right; your new solution is definitely more practical.


Oh yes, one of the perks of getting older is seeing clearly how life can be made easier!


Oh no! Totally understandable. The plastic does look fantastic all laid out together though!

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