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building furniture smarter

I build furniture more quickly than I used to.  Not because I do it faster, but because I do it smarter. 

Yesterday I made three modern tables....


A dresser/desk combo....


And a kitchen unit...minus the countertop and sink, I'm not going to cut the countertop until the alcove the unit sits in has been built, when I know the exact length it needs to be.


All the pieces have faux doors and drawers, as I don't require that any need to open.  In fact, the fridge is just a front, since that's all that will be seen.  I just have to remember to paint black the alcove it will sit it.


Before I would have cut rectangles of wood for door and drawers, then glue them onto another piece of wood.  This time I lowered the blade of my table saw to half the depth of the wood then cut grooves in it.  Whizz bang boom, drawers and doors.  I also cut a groove down the back of each of the side tables, to run lamp wires in.


I used to smear glue all over then wipe away the excess, now I put on just enough; it holds better and the dry time is significantly decreased.  I use good clamps now, as well.  Clamping is crucial for a strong join.  Oh!  And a nice square gluing jig.  Tools are wonderful.  I wish I had invested in the proper tools earlier, instead of accumulating a stash of cute "I'll use that some day" minis, most of which are still waiting.

Speaking of cute...



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Love the paint color! And I'm so with you on the tools! I just wish I had the space for a table saw. I'm so buying that magnet gluing jig though. The very minute I can.


I think at first we get all ooh-aahed about opening doors and drawers, but then later we realize we've never opened said doors and drawers other than that one time. :\ That is a lovely blue, for sure!


Clever you!
I'm packing my suitcase full of things for you to cut when Rotten and I come up there!
You don't mind if I only have one outfit and wear it every day, right?

And Ester - she just has no idea how adorable she is, does she? So sweet!


Yes, Brae, exactly!

Susan, you send me a diagram with measurements and I'll build you whatever you want.

And Ester knows. She knows, and she uses it.


They look amazing!! The saw idea is great.

And speaking of modern and building.....

I've recently been in awe of The Square To Spare on YouTube. Cath makes awesome modern minis and has tutorials. You can put your saw to use!!


I'll check it out.

Jodi Hippler

Smart lady! They look great and the lines are straight!

Mad for Mod

Love them all. What a great idea making a groove for lamp wires.

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