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Oh, I'm liking this one already!

Does the white part of the foam core (duh Susan, the foam core) take paint well?
I know my tombstones made from insulation are fussy about paint...


I have no idea. I'm planning to cover the foam edges with masking tape.


Love the new layout, especially the way you've done the new entrance! The house has so much more dimension now.
Foam core is always been a go-to for me, it's so easy to work with! Some hot glue and ta-da, a house! Good luck cutting out your windows! :)


I love how easy foam core board is to cut, but you have to watch out that it doesn't curve on you when you put glue and siding on. That was a major issue with a couple of my builds.

Love how it's looking! Can't wait to see more progress! Because I haven't had a lot of my own.


Oh dear, I didn't know that was a possibility. I'll be careful to watch for it, thanks for the warning.

Nancy Enge

This is so satisfying to gaze upon! Am officially living build life vicariously through you. PS: I sealed raw foam core edges by brushing on Elmer's glue. Also used long pins as dowels to reinforce structure wherever possible.


I plan on pin reinforcement, but had not thought of sealing with Elmer's. Thanks for the tip.

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