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Oh dear. Good luck Threepio! He's going to get tackled and trampled.


Amazing!!! He looks great.

But, that was a lot of pieces...eek

elizabeth s

C-3PO is a time- traveling Cat Wrangler :)


Love him!

Jodi Hippler

Oh how different my reply would have been had we been sitting together at a bar... To keep things PG, I'll just say... What an awesome kit! Looks like fun! The hubs has a 3-CPO and Darth Vader from the late 70's. Both of those are about 18" tall.


He's going to need a swivel head! :O Madness, just madness. :D

Nancy Enge

Shiny! So fun!


Lol @ Jodi!

But he's actually very clever to surround himself with cats, because they'll keep the mice from chewing on his wiring!
And honestly, who doesn't want to be covered in cats?


I love it!

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