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Wilma Knipe

Awww so cute. Would make a great video


Crazy animals! She found mama's booby traps on the desk. hahahahaha Of course, Jasper would eat the tape and give me vet bills, so that would not work around here.


Okay so first of all there's a window. That trumps your workspace. And second... of course she beat the heck out of the tape. It damaged her Dignity and was an affront to her Cathood!

She's seriously adorable though.


How hilarious would it be to hear the whole adventure from Ester's pov!? The creature that attacked her at the window, and how she finished it off!



Polly Macleod

I love your cat. I've just found your post and have been looking at your projects, they are amazing, particularly Moulin Cerulean, it's brilliant.


Thank you!


Silly kitty.


Love this. So typical of a cat!

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